You are Nepal’s resources, ambassador Lucky Sherpa reminds Nepalese Australians

By Ram Khatry, Sydney
7 July 2017

Nepal’s first female ambassador to Australia has said she is both happy and worried to see these many Nepalese Australians whom she calls “treasure of knowledge and expertise”.

Lucky Sherpa is happy because despite being seven seas away from home, she does not feel like being in an alien country as she is constantly surrounded by Nepalese-origin people who have extended warm welcome to her.

Lucky Sherpa (third from right, front row) with Sydney’s Nepalese community leaders including Hon Consul General of Nepal in NSW Deepak Khadka (first from right, front row) I Picture: Facebook, Shamim Anwar

Flip the coin and she gets worried because these doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, government officials, IT experts and all sorts of highly-qualified manpower are stuck here in Australia whereas their country back home lacks the very same “resources”, Ms Sherpa said speaking at a welcome reception hosted by Deepak Khadka, Honorary Consul General of Nepal in NSW.

The newly-arrived envoy cast the spotlight on the South Asian nation’s problem of brain drain during her entire ten-minute long speech.

The presence of Nepalese experts in various fields made Ms Sherpa wonder, “May be that’s why nothing is moving forward in our country!”

Organisations like NRNA should work with the Embassy of Nepal to create some sort of “network” to transfer the skills of Nepalese Australians back to Nepal so that it can be used for the South Asian nation’s development needs, Ms Sherpa said on Friday.

She also highlighted the fact that Nepal was the “fourth largest students sending country”. “So we are sending students but we are not taking back the knowledge,” she exclaimed. Tapping into the experience, expertise and knowledge gained by Nepalese students through their studies in Australia was a major challenge, the former Member of Parliament pointed out.

Ms Sherpa urged participants of the welcome event to “feel proud” of Nepal’s achievements thus far instead of dwelling on the negative aspects.

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