“Several days” before cause of Sanjay Pandit’s death is known: Denali park official

Sanjay Pandit
Source: Facebook

20 June 2017: The cause of ultra-runner Sanjay Pandit’s death would take “several days” before it can formally be known, Public Information Officer of Denali National Park and Preserve told southasia.com.au yesterday.

Maureen Gualtieri also confirmed that there were two other Nepalese citizens who were also climbing the mountain with Mr Pandit and “and both of those climbers are off the mountain now”.

Mr Pandit passed away on Friday as he was descending after successfully climbing Mt Denali, the highest peak in North America.

In an emailed response to this community news website, Maureen Gualtieri said the information has to come from the State of Alaska Medical Examiner.

“Typically, we do not hear that information for several days or longer, however,” she said.

Body of Mr Pandit was recovered using the park’s helicopter on the afternoon of June 18 local time, she said.

Friends and fans of the 28-year-old have failed to understand how the veteran of so many successful expeditions would perish at a relatively easier climb. He had successfully scaled Mt Everest and Manaslu in Nepal as well as Kilimanjaro, Elbrus and Kosciuszko in other continents.

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