Millions of rupees in compensation for accused police-killer Resham Chaudhary

Resham Chaudhary
Resham Chaudhary I Photo: Facebook

17 June 2017: It may sound bizarre to many but the Government of Nepal has handed a “compensation” of Rs 17 million, AUD 210000 roughly, to a man who stands accused of masterminding brutal deaths of eight Nepal Police officers. A Kathmandu media today reported Resham Chaudhary’s father has already received a cheque from the government.

According to Annapurna Post, earlier government led by Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” had decided to award a total of Rs 110 million to those whose properties were set on fire or vandalised in the aftermath of Tikapur massacre.

Resham Chaudhary
Stately meeting with a murder-accused: Prachanda with Resham Chaudhary at New Delhi’s Taj Palace in September 2016 | Courtesy Annapurna Post, Picture by Shyam Shrestha

It is noteworthy that Prachanda had met with Resham Chaudhary during his state visit to New Delhi. Many at the time questioned how the then PM could meet a fugitive who was wanted by his own security apparatus back home. A photo of the two had even gone viral on social media.

The man, who has been hiding in India since the massacre took place in western Nepal late August 2015, has repeatedly denied his involvement in the lynching. He has now penned a book titled “Tikapur Ghatanaako Chirfaar” which translates into Dissecting Tikapur Incident which he is purported to prove his innocence.  

Slain SSP Laxman Neupane

On 24 August 2015, mostly unarmed police officers including Senior Superintendent of Police Laxman Neupane were brutally murdered during a violent protest by Tharuhat activists. An infant was also killed in the ensuing shoot-out bringing the total number of deceased to nine. A day after the tragic brutal murder, angry locals had set fire to Mr Chaudhary’s Phoolbari FM, Phoolbari Resort and a motorcycle. According to Annapurna Post, Mr Chaudhary received the compensation for the destruction of his properties in that incident.

Few others whose properties were vandalised by angry locals post Tikapur massacre have also received similar compensation packages.

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    This is what Nepali politicians do- ignore police officers and protect criminals as they support them to remain in power.

    1. Ghanta protect criminals.. How proved the he is the actually criminals, ur bahunbadi media or you? That was the political issued. That all.

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