The Sun finds Nepal’s sex laws among the “weirdest”

6 June 2017: UK tabloid The Sun has placed Nepal among countries with the world’s weirdest of sex laws. Other countries to feature in the June 2 story are Austria, Egypt, India, Qatar and the US state of Texas where it said “dildos are worse than guns”.

As for the Himalayan nation, The Sun had the following to say:

The government also censors all websites.

The Home Ministry said that it has had to enforce the ban because young people are addicted to porn.

It appears The Sun journalist did not do due diligence in checking out the basic facts! A quick “test” by an associate of found out that steamy sites like Pornhub and Worldsex were very much accessible in the South Asian republic.

In fact, they are quite popular among the young and enthusiastic.

“Films depicting sexual intercourse or full frontal nudity are banned in Nepal — even Bollywood movies, which are considered tame by western standards, have large chunks removed before hitting the market,” the article further read. According to a film critic in Nepal, this account is true because Nepal’s censor board does give thumbs down even to scenes in locally produced movies showing slightest of vulgarity.

Other weird sex laws included in the article are London’s ban on having sex on a parked motorbike: “This law comes from the post WW2 period, when ex-soldiers came back to the UK with military motorbikes and celebrated their freedom by getting overly amorous with their lady friends.”

Singapore is no less weird. If you are naked even inside your hotel room but somehow get exposed to public view, then you could end up paying hefty fine or languish in jail, the report warned.

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