Former “His Majesty” of Nepal makes headline by boycotting local elections, not completely an ordinary citizen after all!

Gyanendra Shah
The last press conference as a royal: Former King Gyanendra Shah speaking at a press conference before leaving the Narayanhiti Palace in 2008

14 May 2017: Erstwhile “His Majesty” of Nepal, Gyanendra Shah, has boycotted local body elections held first time in 20 years. He apparently announced his decision not to cast his vote through a social media post made Saturday night. His status has even been covered by local media outlets as well as being shared by many of his followers.

However, the original post has gone missing from his “Timeline” which most likely have been deleted by Mr Shah himself or one of his associates. A post by Asmita Bhandari, the Secretary General of World Hindu Federation International, captures the original post by Mr Shah. 

His family ruled Nepal from 1768 up until 2008 when the then Interim Parliament declared the mountain nation a federal republic rendering Mr Shah an ordinary citizen. He gracefully vacated the Narayanhiti Palace within the stipulated timeframe and has since been putting up at a much humbler accommodation.

Facebook account Gyanendrabbshah Shah, believed to be that of the ex-king, was used to make the announcement that he would not be participating in the local elections held on Sunday. “I am happy happy to inform everyone that I will not be taking part in any voting exercise tomorrow,” the status published at 22.22 on Saturday said.

A source close to the former king confirmed that the account does belong to him.

He also rubbished rumour that he had endorsed certain “parties” which he said was “absolutely untrue” and added, “All Nepalese for me are equal and my beloved brothers and sisters. My respect to all my elders and my love and affection for all the rest.”

It is not known if his son, ex-crown prince Paras Shah, cast his own vote. He was contacted by through social media but was not heard from.

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  1. So, he deleted his original post, like we commoners do, once we realize our faux pas! BTW, this FB id has only a few posts and no more than half a dozen likes for each post nor many followers, which surprised me.

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