Australia’s largest Buddhist temple updates its literature to indicate Buddha was born in Nepal

By Ram Khatry, Sydney
3 April 2017

The biggest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere has updated its literature and an information board on its premises to reflect Nepal as the birthplace of Lord Buddha, replacing earlier version of “misleading information”.

Honorary Consul-General of Nepal in NSW, Deepak Khadka, told that he and his fellow Nepali Australians Ganga Nemkul, Nima Sherpa, Bhimsen Sapkota, Rajan Chhetri and Ganesh Tamang had submitted a petition to the Temple authority few years ago “regarding the correction of birthplace of Lord Buddha”.

“We had simply requested them to correct the misleading information of birthplace of Buddha on their official documents based on the UN charter/UNESCO World Heritage list,” Mr Khadka said in an email to

He is glad now that the Taiwanese establishment has corrected its information about Lord Buddha’s birthplace.


Earlier, materials published by the temple apparently indicated that Buddha was born in India – a statement Nepalis living across the world are extremely sensitive about. In fact, for years now, expatriate Nepalis have been running campaigns to counter any information flow indicating the Shakya Muni was born elsewhere.

Mr Khadka is now ecstatic that the Nan Tien Temple finally listened to the Consulate General’s request to revisit its materials.  He said he is constantly in touch with the Nan Tien Temple management and have direct access to the Abbess Man Ko whom.

New books published by the Temple contain corrected information about Buddha’s birthplace, Mr Khadka said.

Since its inauguration in October 1995, Nan Tien Temple has become a major tourist attraction in the South Coast winning many tourism awards. It has become “an important cultural centre bridging different cultures”.

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