“Grave accusation” made against former BBC Nepali editor-turned politician Rabindra Mishra

By Ram Khatry, Sydney
19 March 2017

A veteran political commentator in Nepal has questioned former BBC employee Rabindra Mishra’s moral ground for leading a political party in his native Nepal. Because, Professor Surendra KC argued, Mr Mishra once ran a media “campaign”, “within the last fifteen years”, during which interviewees were asked if Nepal should be merged into India.

Mr Mishra, a highly-regarded journalist in Nepal, has already expressed disbelief at the accusation terming it baseless and regrettable.

The ex-editor of BBC Nepali service recently launched his political party called Sajha Party which is the second latest party following former prime minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai’s Naya Shakti.

Rabindra Mishra
Former BBC man Rabindra Mishra I Photo: Facebook

In an interview with Sagarmatha Televsion (published on YouTube on March 12), Dr KC said that he and others in Nepal protested against the campaign back then and questioned BBC’s action of running the campaign (Should Nepal be merged into India?”) from its base in London.

Mr Mishra, the man behind the massive Help Nepal Foundation, reacted to the first hit of public life through his Facebook page. In his status posted on Sunday, he said that the comments made by the “professor doctor” were “extremely baseless and un-academic”.

Mr Mishra also questioned the judgement of the journalist who interviewed Dr KC suggesting he should have either “stopped or challenged” him when he made the accusation that could potentially cause his “character assassination”. If it was recorded then that part should either have been edited or verified, he further added.  “Otherwise, not only the interviewee but also the interviewer will share responsibility for the offence,” the veteran Nepali journalist stated.

He, however, failed to directly accept or deny the allusion to the  campaign Dr KC referred to.

3 thoughts on ““Grave accusation” made against former BBC Nepali editor-turned politician Rabindra Mishra

  1. कुराः सन् २००० को सेप्टम्बर २८ बिहिबार !

    BBC को कार्यक्रमः Talking Point

    कार्यक्रमको प्रश्न थियोः
    Should Nepal develop closer ties with India?

  2. I agreed with most of your (Dr. KC) comments..but you sounded like arrogant and narcissistic person. ..no different than Dr. Baburam… Most importantly, you are all about playing blame game like politicians (no solutions)..and there was no consistency in your arguments.. You can’t blame everything for leaders and china-India…… I don’t agree with Dr. Baburam’s politics and he trying not to take responsibility for Nepal civil war he led but he (you also) has right to be in politics regardless of his educational background ..and how you know he or anybody has limit of intelligence or wisdom . .
    And last but not least, you are obviously UML/KP Oli supporter….which is not a bad thing.. you have right to support anybody or any party you want.
    P.S. I don’t support any of current Nepali political parties.

  3. Rabindra Mishra was a new comer in BBC Nepali Service at that time. Mani Rana was the Nepali bureau chief, later Suman Kharel became the chief. BBC broadcast in 39 languages including Nepali service. BBC Nepali service had nothing to do with that programme. Surendra KC’s statement was a blunder.

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