Nepal’s royalist leader wants his communist counterpart (Prime Minister Prachanda) to perform “miracle” to resurrect monarchy

18 February 2017: Nepal’s diehard communist prime minister has found his allies in a political party that explicitly seeks to re-establish “a democracy inclusive of the king” indicating a subtle shift in political currents of the Himalayan nation.

In a statement that has made many laugh out loud and wonder at the same, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal alias Prachanda has proved Nepal is indeed a “unique” nation where communists and royalists can walk hand in hand humming the same tune.

The former (Maoists) wanted to topple monarchy which it did in 2008 and now that the 238-year-old Shah Dynasty is long gone, the latter (Rastriya Prajatantra Party) wants to bring it back and the former says its “feelings” are well and truly connected with that of the royalists.

“You do miracles time to time, let us jointly perform miracles in this job too,” former deputy prime minister Kamal Thapa was quoted as saying during Friday’s inaugural ceremony of his party’s general assembly. The “job” Mr Thapa was referring to was the act of restoring monarchy where the king had a constitutional role as the “symbol” of cultural and national unity in Nepal.

Mr Thapa is the incumbent president of Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), a parliamentary party which has vowed to bring back monarchy which is above “electoral politics” as well as re-establish Hinduism as the mountain nation’s state religion.

It may appear to be a cruel comparison but Nepal’s politics is currently sounding like the way roadwork is done in the South Asian nation. It is a common sight in Kathmandu City for a road to be black-topped today only to be dug up tomorrow – often the process repeating on the same stretch of the road many times over the years.

Mr Thapa, while addressing the first general convention of RPP ever since the two factions of the royalist party (RPP-Nepal rand RPP) were unified back in November 2016, said that he felt the prime minister was “close” to him during his association with him.

Prime Minister Prachanda, on his part, warmed up to Mr Thapa’s speech by a full-on emotional appeal, “I am a community rebel, ideologically we differ with him, may be due to our philosophy. But, I don’t know why I feel very close to RPP, I feel as if I should befriend them, cooperate with them, please do not distance yourselves from us!”

“There were differences between RPP and us during the promulgation of the constitution but after the role RPP played, I felt as if it was all well-informed decision of experienced and elderly leaders,” he further added.

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