Shristy Khanal flies to Melbourne to lodge complaint with Victoria Police against her estranged husband

By Ram Khatry, Sydney
6 February 2017

The story of Shristy Khanal and Dwijesh Koirala Sahi has taken an unexpected turn with the former secretly arriving in Melbourne last Saturday to lodge a police complaint against her husband.

Ms Khanal claims her husband still holds approximately $100,000 that she says belongs to her, donated by members of the Australian Nepalese community after she contracted life-threatening kidney disease in September 2014. According to the former Swinburne University student, some $180,000 was raised in total through online, cash and PayPal donations.

Shristy Khanal
Shristy Khanal in a Melbourne suburb on Monday I Photo: supplied

Her husband, on the other hand, says he is being framed based on false allegations. Responding to questions from, the man from western Nepal town of Bhairahawa said that he has done nothing wrong and that he would certainly return to Melbourne one day.

“She and her supporters are trying their best to bring me down.. but.. I’ve got all the legal proof and I’ve done nothing wrong till now..,” Mr Sahi remarked in a digital conversation Monday evening.

Overwhelming support: Screenshot of a 2014 Facebook appeal by Sam Nepali.

He also expressed confidence that there were no “grounds” for Ms Khanal to be able to “lodge any sort of complaint against me”.

All he has done so far is to help her and her family, he further claimed. He believed that someone was making his wife take these steps, “Some one is definitely pulling her strings.. I don’t know Who or why… but.. as a human being.. whatever I’ve done for her till today… if she has any moral compass to guide her.. she wouldn’t do any such thing…” (sic)

Ms Khanal arrived in Melbourne on 22 July 2014 as a student of Information Technology. Mr Sahi came as her dependent but stayed back in Australia even after his wife was taken back to Nepal following three months of intense treatment at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Funds began pouring in overnight after online appeals for help went viral. A Commonwealth Bank joint account held by the couple received as much as $85,334.21 from 2088 donors – in a matter of just 48 hours.

Ms Khanal says she is happy to be back in Melbourne after three years “but at the same time past memories flash back” to her mind.

She is due to hold a meeting with community leaders on Wednesday following which she would proceed with the police complaint, she told

The 27 year old says even after what her husband sent to her while she was in Nepal as well as the payments made to Melbourne Royal and expenses, her husband needs to give her nearly $100,000.

Ms Khanal has already lodged a court case against Mr Sahi in the Kathmandu District Court. As a result, her husband’s family properties based in Bhairahawa have been frozen by the court.

Mr Sahi said the case lodged by his wife was based on false allegations and that she would now have to “answer” to that in the court of law.

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