Man jailed for 378 years for raping Nepali girl “700 times”, reports New York-based digital media

Yolo County Superior Court1 February 2017: A US man has been sentenced to 378 years in prison for raping a Nepali girl he and his wife had adopted from the Himalayan nation, a New York-based digital media has reported. The convicted rapist, Ajay Kumar Dev, is also reported to be from Nepal.

From 1999 to 2005, the victim was raped extensively as she became a member of the Dev family following her adoption, the report said. For seven long years, she would be raped “700 times” during which the perpetrator would force her to watch adult movies and play similar roles.

California’s Yolo County Superior Court last week upheld the guilty verdict given by another lower court.

The convicted man began raping the victim before she even turned 15, immediately upon her arrival in the United States where she was to remain as an “adopted daughter” of Ajay Kumar Dev and his wife, the report said.

Mr Dev was originally convicted in 2009 but, backed by a group of supporters who believe him to be innocent, his case ended up in the Superior Court which last week upheld the verdict. However, the report added, the supporters group is still actively campaigning “to save him”.

Mr Dev emigrated to US along with his parents when he was only 13 year old. He was an employee of the State Water Resource Board.

The victim is apparently a distant relative of the perpetrator who had brought her to the US in 1999. She was formally accepted as an adopted daughter in December the same year.

Known only by the first letter of her name “S”, the victim had left her parents place in 2004 after she joined a local college upon which Mr Dev threatened to shoot her dead and then kill himself, court heard. Using threat, he tried to have sex with her even after she left the family home.

During investigations, police found pornographic materials involving S in Mr Dev’s computer.

The 49 year old convict is currently serving his nearly 400 year jail term in Mule Creek State Prison in California.

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