Kathmandu District Court orders freeze on Melbourne man Dwijesh Koirala Shahi’s family property

By Ram Khatry, Sydney
23 January 2016

Kathmandu District Court has ordered a freeze on the property of Melbourne-based international student Dwijesh Koirala Sahi due to a twisted dispute between him and his estranged wife, Shristy Khanal. At the heart of their legal battle is nearly $200,000 that Australian Nepalis had donated in 2014 when Ms Khanal suffered from extreme kidney complications prompting doctors to give her only “five percent chance” of survival.

Shristy Khanal I Photo: Supplied

Ms Khanal’s Kathmandu-based lawyer told southasia.com.au that a staff from the Kathmandu District Court telephoned Mr Koirala’s family on January 10 to inform that a moratorium had been placed on the sale of all assets of the family. The frozen assets and properties are based in western Nepal town of Bhairahawa, 40 kilometres from the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Ms Khanal claims that her husband, who remained in Melbourne even after she went back to Nepal following her release from Royal Melbourne Hospital late 2014, misused most of the donated funds leaving her family in serious debt as, it is understood, her medical expenses continues even today (approximately $200-300 per month, according to the lawyer). She has now moved court to demand rest of that money, as well as seek her share of the Koirala family property.

Ms Khanal’s lawyer, Vishnu Bashyal, said one of the properties of the Koirala family was already under freeze from their bank and now the District Court has put a clamp on rest of their properties. Speaking from Kathmandu, she said the freeze will remain in place until the court gives its verdict anytime from now to one and half years, an usual timeframe taken by court proceedings on property disputes between spouses.

“The court has already informed them of the freeze. Dwijesh also has hired a lawyer who is in contact with me and we are looking at the possibility of reaching some form of agreement,” family lawyer Vishnu Bashyal said over in a telephone interview with southasia.com.au.

Dwijesh Koirala Sahi
Shristy Khanal I Photo: Supplied

According to Mr Koirala’s father, his son has been framed and used by Ms Khanal and her mother. In a document sent to this community media outlet, Bhagat Kumar Sahi accused them for having “misused Dwijesh for their family’s welfare”.

In a Facebook chat, the man himself, Dwijesh Koirala, said he went to Nepal hoping to put an amicable end to the ongoing dispute between him and his wife but he was welcome home with a negative and unfounded publicity.

Chatting in Nepali language, he said that he went to Nepal to solve all things with “mutual understanding” with Shristy Khanal but that “she” did such “disrespect” to me.

He always took care of Ms Khanal and her family and will always want the best for them.

Issuing a somewhat hard-to-decipher statement, his father has threatened to take action against those who used social media “to defame & damage the social status & image of my son – Dwijesh Koirala Sahi, his family and his close relatives by spreading false allegations”.

On her part, Ms Khanal expressed disbelief that the Koirala family could refer to the husband and wife as brother and sister.

She further added that her mother had actually warned Mr Koirala, before they married, both against her daughter’s stubborn nature and poor health but he continued to press on with the wedding. She also claimed that her mother spent NRs 1 million in arranging for their migration to Australia.

Below is the full text (UNEDITED VERSION) of the letter sent by Dwijesh Koirala Sahi which he said was from his father, Bhagat Kumar Sahi:


I, Bhagat Kumar Sahi father of Dwijesh Koirala Sahi, strongly appeal to condemn & initiate legal action on all those who wrongly misused social media – southasia.com and Facebook Page (King Birendra and queen Aishwarya) on Facebook to defame & damage the social status & image of my son – Dwijesh Koirala Sahi, his family and his close relatives by spreading false allegations; damaging our social status. Dwijesh, since childhood is an exceptionally kind hearted boy who even halt to nurse & care wounds of street dog”

A non-heard/neglected /un-listened call of a naive lad –  DWIJESH pleading for justice, who instead was suppressed  & burdened forcibly  on false allegations of using joint AC. money though it came for Shristy treatment & their survival  from her curing stage, for her treatment, nursing, care, giving her happy moments, expenses on her huge and never ending medical expenses, college’s fees, house rent, house hold bills, insurance, conveyance, Shristy’s and her father’s multiple flight tickets, their huge miscellaneous stay cash expenses in Melbourne and inroute to Nepal and many other daily handing over cash to father for his pocket expenses requirements etc.… etc. which is invisible but yields to really huge figure.

It will be highly true to say that the care taker of a patient has to suffer 100 times more than the patient because he has to face innumerable unforeseen hard circumstances and tough psychological, physical and financial hardship. The care taker faces real on ground challenges; achieve success to cure his patient and thus his captainship must not be doubted.

Why Highly responsible & matured persons didn’t check with his friends and given second thought on the impact of false allegations on him, his parents and close relatives but disgracefully,  hurriedly and eagerly misused social media to spoil and damage mercilessly   the social image/status of whole family of Dwijesh. Which was not necessary to do so hurriedly, isn’t that was too heinous & inhuman behaviour

In view of all above facts it is highly justified to plead, why Shristy and her wrong guiding well-wishers must not be accountable and fined for compensation on charge of false allegations that he has ran away without informing, but indeed he as informed his friends that he is going to Nepal to solve /dissolve all disputes.

This video(attached herewith) is self-explanatory to lit up the light of Truth and clear all darkness of false allegations on a naive young lad – Dwijesh, who is a younger brother of Shristy Khanal in social relationships before he was manipulated by Shristy & her mother persuading Dwijesh to take her (Shristy) to Melbourne, Australia as student and Dwijesh as dependent for study, her treatment & earn for them to improve the livelihood & financial condition of her home leaving behind burden of huge debt on his own family. He accomplished his pious mission “to fully cure and raise Shristy from bed to on her feet and improve their financial conditions and living status which is clearly visible by their attire, her health and health of family members today, for which Dwijesh is very proud of and could proudly boast of for his pious charitable job which other couldn’t dare to do sacrificing his career and invaluable 07 years of crucial study time.

Shristy’s home since last 06-07 years were undergoing on high debts because of her medical condition. Therefore, Shristy and her mother who are highly experienced to survive on donations and can very cleverly deal with legal matters to fix anyone who can be a perineal source of their survival. Shristy & her mother trapped Dwijesh being sole son of his parent; young and energetic naive lad, approximately 02 years before (i.e. since 2012) planned journey to Melbourne. Dwijesh was completely ignorant about their wicked long term secret plan. Number of times his father tried to make him understand that one day you would be fixed by them because she had been brought up and nurtured wickedly, which he eventually realized today. Obviously, an energetic young naïve lad is like a bull who has strength but no maturity and thus didn’t listen and obeyed his parent’s advices. He without giving second thought blindly rush to help Shristy during her critical time. They used to motivate him for their selfish motives by praising him, saying that “he is the incarnation of God to them who has come in their life to solve all their future problems”. They were sure and knew that Dwijesh could be easily moulded to attain their long term hidden wicked motives. Since beginning she and her mother has always utilized and misused Dwijesh for their family’s welfare.  She and her mother were always behind money only and never recognized the innocence, selfless sincerity and generosity of Dwijesh.

Only after March 2016, the tempo of helping Shristy and her family was thwarted by frequent  phones calls, continuous threats, blackmailing Dwijesh verbally, through telephone, texts messages and social media to defame him, ruin his life & social status especially while he was on the verge of deep sleep after coming tired & exhausted from long hours of physical & mental work simultaneously looking after his studies burden & livelihood expenses and thus he had to undergo many sleepless nights & days as per his working schedule. Because of her selfish cruel aggressive attitude and nature. All the above scenario and situation thus ultimately resulted to their separation. Her such torturing and health damaging act on Dwijesh clearly states and concludes the cruel, selfish and inhumane nature of Shristy. She constantly threatened Dwijesh to spoil his life, career and image if he doesn’t become a perineal source of their survival as they had a very bad thirst and greed for money. She had never supported Dwijesh for his studies & career and had never shown any gratitude & humanity. In return she utilized and misused him every time for their own selfish needs. Their concern was only money and to use Dwijesh by all possible means.

Since last 9 – 10 months Shristy & her mother very cleverly conspired & manipulated resources to defame Dwijesh through social media and tortured him psychologically & physically. During her hospitalized periods and recovery state till she was safely sent to her home with her father, Dwijesh was out of work & had no other option but was bound to survive on bank deposits looking after himself and Shristy and her home’s requirements sending money by all possible means to her for her treatment & her home expenses.

Being a father I was very worried and crying in my heart thinking how painfully my young son has suffered these long months alone without guidance and moral support. Instead he was threatened and burdened to pay back huge amount which was jointly utilized for her treatment, nursing, care, giving her happy moments, expenses on her huge and never ending medical expenses, college’s fees, house rent, house hold bills, insurance, conveyance, Shristy’s and her father’s flight tickets, their huge miscellaneous stay cash expenses in Melbourne and inroute to Nepal etc…etc. till he was jobless after gradual recovery in Melbourne and back home Nepal.

Today, that generous & kind-hearted naive young lad – Dwijesh didn’t know her horrible bad motives and has become a victim of their greed & jealousy and is suffering from their false allegations & stigma on his social status; which could be detrimental & damaging to his mind state in future if he is not taken out from these false allegations. To give him consolation and refreshing him I sent money NRs250000.00 on 05 January 2017 for flight tickets as he was without money to come Nepal as early as possible to solve disputes on all aspects. Still she is threatening my son saying that she could go any extent even life threat to avenge him for not becoming perennial source of their survival. Shristy and all those who are misguiding her to spread false allegations on him shall/must be held responsible for his potential life threat and unstable mental & physical health condition which might occur in future.

Therefore, I appeal one and all to put oneself on Dwijesh shoes and imagine & think how much mental pressure he had undergone since long and sacrificed his psychological, personal, health & career; and undergone immense hardship & pain he initially shouldered and faced within few weeks of landing in a very new place Melbourne to nurse, care, give happy moments & make Shristy cured and stand on her feet.

One sided inclination for justice is never acceptable as a right justice. Hence, for no reasons she, her mother and all those people who wrongly misused social media has the right to damage the status of Dwijesh, our family & our close relatives in social media. Such heinous act & wrong use of social media & spreading of false allegations should be strongly condemned and has to be stopped immediately. I pray you to initiate legal action for justice and compensations for defaming and damaging our social stigma.

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  1. It seems all the huge money spent on multiple times kidney transplant and year round life support tremendous expences. Organisation , individuals making cherity to a person who has to lure and buy kidney repeadly from poor people other than from own kin family , will be subjected to court punishment or not ? please clerify……!
    Recently, an organ donation and transplantation legislation of 1998 was amended by the parliament in 2016, which makes this year’s celebration even more important. Procurement and transplantation of organs as mentioned in the newly amended legislation will greatly reduce the need for Nepali citizens to travel abroad to get an organ transplant. The new legislation includes a few very important upgrades compared to the previous one. Human Organ Transplantation (Regulation and Prohibition) Act of 1998 had limited the people that could donate their organ from a relative to the immediate family members and cousins (excluding aunts) only.

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