President Bidhya Devi Bhandari invites former king Gyanendra Shah to her daughter’s wedding party

Nisha Kiran Bhandari
Nisha Kusum Bhandari and Abhishesh Yadav I Photo: YouTube

16 January 2017: President Bidhya Devi Bhandari has invited former king Gyanendra Shah to the wedding party of her daughter, Nisha Kusum Bhandari.

It was not immediately known whether Mr Shah would attend the party scheduled to be held on Monday at the Kathmandu-based presidential palace, Sheetal Niwas. The ex-king has apparently not set his foot at the site since the country was declared a federal republic in December 2007.

The invitation to the former monarch is interesting given he has otherwise been widely criticised for his continued tirade and challenging posture vis-a-vis Nepal’s main political parties that overthrew him nine years ago.

Gyanendra shah
A familiar taste: Gyanendra Shah smiles on as temple trustees and priests mill around him on Sunday.

Analysts believe the invitation extended to the former king indicates that he is not entirely irrelevant in Kathmandu’s power circle. Perhaps it is not for nothing that he has lately been issuing one after another scatching political statements.

President Bhandari’s daughter is marrying London-educated Abhishesh Yadav, the grandson of Nepal’s first president Ram Baran Yadav.

Although the list of invitees is rather small, important VVIPs of the Himalayan nation have not been missed, Annapurna Post said citing personal secretary of the president.

The presidential secretariat is expected to release a statement and photographs of the party on Monday.

In the mean time, it remains to be seen if former king Gyanendra Shah would attend the party which no doubt would be filled with many of his political enemies.

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