Norbu Sherpa’s brother, a serving British Gurkha, says his parents still unaware of their son’s Sydney City fight

By Ram Khatry, Sydney
9 January 2017

Brother of Norbu Sherpa, one of two Nepali youths involved in a Sydney City fight last weekend, says their parents still don’t know about the serious trouble their youngest son has gotten into.

Jombu Sherpa, who told that he was a serving Gurkha in the British Army, said he did not have the courage to tell his parents. “They sent him (to Australia) with so much of hope. It’s hard. So far I have kept it a secret from them,” Mr Sherpa said over telephone.

When asked if he has had any contact with his sibling, Mr Sherpa said his little brother has gone completely incommunicado, without even a Facebook message. He suspected Norbu Sherpa was still under immigration detention most probably because his visa had finished. At least that’s what he has learnt through his contacts in Sydney.

Pawan Shrestha, the main accused in the brawl at a Sydney City fast food outlet early Saturday morning, as well as Norbu Sherpa were initially reported as “Asian tourists”. Mr Shrestha is already out on bail and spoke to mainstream media on Monday.

Mr Sherpa said he saw the video of Mr Shrestha in which he expressed regret at what had happened. However, the Gurkha was curious if authorities would also take action against the man who was seen (in the 7News video) throwing brutal punches at the reportedly drunk 19 year old, even after he fell to the ground.

All his brother was doing was to stop the fight, he stated.

Norbu Sherpa’s student visa had finished around December last year, the elder brother further added, and he was understood to be in the process of applying for an extension. During their last conversation, the troubled youth apparently told his brother that he had applied for an extension and that he might or might not get his visa extended.

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