Group of Sydney mates find a creative way to promote Nepal, and it seems to be working

7 January 2017: A small group of Sydney men have discovered a rather creative way of promoting Nepal in Australia. What must have started on the whim of few youths has grown so big in a matter of weeks that on Saturday they took out an entire rally of over 30 cars.

All participating cars had one thing in common, the rear windows had stickers inviting Australians to Nepal.

People usually get paid to display someone else’s product on their vehicles but these men are doing just the opposite. They are spending as much as $130 out of their pockets to display Nepal-promoting stickers on their cars.

According to messages received from Arun Gautam, he and his friends Bishnu Sapkota and Sagar Adhikari have taken up this responsibility of promoting Nepal’s tourism industry in order to support their earthquake-ravaged motherland.

Dozens of cars with these promotional stickers gathered at a park in Rockdale on January 7. Later, they went around Sydney’s main thoroughfares effectively creating a motorcade of tourism ambassadors of Nepal.

Youths involved in the voluntary programme claim the number of people willing to chip in is increasing by the day with many installing the stickers only this weekend. Social media posts suggest Nepali Australians living in other cities are also showing keen interest in the campaign.

Nepal’s tourism ministry does not undertake any major tourism promotional activities in Australia, the way neighbouring India does. As such, these private cars are expected to compensate for that absence of an official advertisement campaign. After all, how would drivers on the streets of Australia’s major cities miss these triangular flags and the word “Nepal”?

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