Heart-rending final video of a four-year-old Nepali American whose mother was killed by suspected drunk driver

Sarita Shakya
Sarita Shakya, a doting mum who promised undying love to her four year old daughter I Photo: Facebook

20 December 2016: “And.. and..remember, Gwara’s love never ends even (if) you are not here. It comes to work!”

Gwara being the nickname of four-year-old Angelina who expressed these love words to her doting mother, Sarita Shakya, as she was about to leave for work last Saturday. Little did the girl know that it would be her last exchange of love, hugs and kisses with her mother.

Less than 24 hours after the video was posted on social media, the much-loved registered nurse was killed in a head-on wrong-way crash on a busy California road – life taken by the reckless driving of a suspected drunk driver.

Just how much the 38 year old mother loved her Gwara is pretty much evident from the way her Facebook wall is still awash with videos and photos of the apple of her eye.

The final video ends with Gwara reminding her mother that she misses her when she does not get to sleep with her (probably because of her nursing shifts) and offers to hug and kiss her before Ms Shakya rushes to work. The mother also assures her daughter of her undying love, “Same with mummy’s love never end, okay? Even mummy not here!” (sic).

She worked at a local medical facility, Scripps Mercy Hospital in Hillcrest (San Diego), since 2010, a local newspaper said.

The suspected drunk driver, also a woman, is currently understood to be recovering in the hospital. She was driving her Toyota Sienna minivan the wrong way when it fatally hit Ms Shakya’s Toyota Corrolla at around 11:45 pm local time, cbs8.com reported, adding she died at the scene.

Myra Florentino Aboy, who shared the video posted by Ms Shakya, said the moments captured in the video were the final moments between the mother and her four year old daughter. “My heart breaks for this girl and her family. Little did she know it’s the last hug and kiss from her mommy,” she said, urging every one not to “drink and drive”.

A local newspaper said the deceased was so touched when volunteers from her medical organisation went to Nepal in the aftermath of the April 2015 mega earthquake that she went to the airport to welcome them back with Khaadaa, a traditional Nepali scarf offered to show respect and appreciation.

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