Momo helps Nepali restaurant to be named among top ten eateries in Rockdale

18 December 2016: A popular Nepali restaurant in Sydney’s St George region has found a place in this weekend’s Sydney Eat Street, a regular feature on The Sunday Telegraph unearthing culinary treasures hidden around the city.

Steamed Nepali dumplings, called momo, of Red Capsicum Restaurant at 89 Railway Street in Rockdale have been named as one of ten best things to eat in the southern Sydney suburb.

The other nine items out of the “10 things to eat in Rockdale” include dishes from various backgrounds – from Cevapi burger to Beligian Chocolate Waffle.

Although she could not remember the exact date of its establishment, Suruchi Shrestha from Red Capsicum said the Nepali-owned business has been in operation for at least two years now. Both Nepalis and non-Nepalis are its regular clients, she added. “They (Non-Nepalis) come for naan and curries,” she added while momo and chowmein are all-time favourites of its diverse clientele.

Today’s feature is led by the famous Butcher Boys of Rockdale who sell “100-plus preprepared meals waiting to be picked up by time-poor parents”, showing the rich multicultural side of the St George area.

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