Saint-doctor Gobinda KC’s Australian support base rising, Nepali expatriates to hold solidarity demonstration

ram-khatryBy Ram Khatry, Sydney
3 November 2016

INS Australia is urging members of the diaspora to come to Kogarah tomorrow, with Nepal’s national flags, to express solidarity with Dr Gobinda KC who has been staging a series of fast-unto-death in Kathmandu.

He is so popular in his country that one can safely assume there isn’t a single conscious, educated Nepali on the planet who may not know his name because Dr Gobinda KC is no more a mere personal identity. The name of the famous medical professor has now become synonymous with the anti-corruption movement of Nepal.

That movement is not limited to the South Asian country alone as more and more Nepalis living across the world express solidarity with the orthopaedic surgeon who employs “fast-unto-death” as his most reliable ammunition to fight the corrupt and an endemic culture of corruption.

Dr Gobinda KC
Dr Gobinda KC, “the saint-doctor” I Photo: Supplied

Australia already has a strong presence of Dr KCians such as young community leader Dila Kharel and practicing psychiatrist Dr Ghana S Chapagain who in the past organised Australian campaigns in his support. The Australian support for Dr KC is getting a further boost tomorrow as Nepali expatriates gather at a Kogarah park in Sydney on Sunday.

International Nepalese Society (INS) Australia has called the solidarity demonstration midday tomorrow at the Hogben Park in Kogarah. According to Binod Paudel of INS, the event is not political but rather a natural expression of solidarity for Dr KC’s movement.

“We are holding the event because we are concerned that people might revolt if demands of Dr KC are not materialised, specially in view of the warning by youths that they too will join in the fast-unto-death,” the Sydney-based community leader said.

He called on Nepali expatriates based in Sydney to come to Kogarah (Hogben Park) tomorrow at 12 pm.

Dr KC’s multiple fast-unto-death programmes have had the Nepalese government buckle under pressure; his support base both at home and across the world is something Nepal had not seen before. He is to modern Nepal what Gandhi was to India and Mandela was to South Africa – he simply does not let go of his conviction, which is, Nepal must rid itself of corruption and the corrupt if the country is to be transformed into the elusive “New Nepal”.

His latest hunger strike is still on but has been declared to be ending tomorrow as the main demand (resignation of the dean of IoM) has been met – for now.

However, tomorrow’s “programme is still on”, says Mr Paudel. In a conversation with, he said that the announcement of an end to the current fast-unto-death does not yet mean the mission has been accomplished. The pressure on the Nepali government needs to be maintained so that the demands (or, Dr KC’s agreements with the government) are swiftly implemented, he noted.

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