“Deport ambassador Rae” – Nepali youths chant slogans in front of Indian embassy

Photo: Annapurna Post
Photo: Annapurna Post

3 December 2016: Youths affiliated to Nepal’s main opposition party demonstrated for two hours Saturday morning demanding deportation of the Indian ambassador to Nepal.

Angry protesters disrupted traffic near the Embassy of India in Kathmandu as they chanted slogans against ambassador Ranjit Rae who they claim is interfering into Nepal’s internal political matters by hobnobbing with shady political leaders of the country, a vernacular daily reported today.

Members of the Youth Association Nepal (YAN) and the All Nepal Free Students Union (ANNFSU), the youth and student wings of the Communist Party of Nepal (UML) respectively, held the demonstration against the “unnatural activities and interference” of the Indian envoy.

“Stop Indian activities”, “Deport Indian ambassador Ranjit Rae” and “Stop Indian interference” were some angry slogans chanted in front of the sprawling embassy.

The agitating UML cadres believe that the constitution amendment bill came into being under India’s strategy.

According to Kathmandu correspondent of southasia.com.au, the demonstrating youths blamed the Indian embassy of issuing “diktat” to leaders of Nepali Congress and Madhesi parties to support the constitution amendment bill which has lately spurred fierce nationwide protest programmes.

Protesters also warned ambassador Rae not to cross his limit as a diplomat.

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