Nepalese students contributed $707 million to Australian economy in 2015-16, course commencements on the rise

ram-khatryBy Ram Khatry, Sydney
28 November 2016

International students from Nepal contributed $707 million to Australian economy in financial year 2015-16 which was a respectable 13.9% increase over 2014-15 figures.

The $707 million includes all education-related activities of Nepalese students who are studying and living in Australia on student visas.

In financial year 2014-15, Nepalese students had contributed $621 million as opposed to $487 million the previous year.

With a contribution of $2,320 million in 2015-16, Indian students lead the South Asian region followed by Nepal.

International students from Nepal studying at Sydney TAFE raise funds in the aftermath of the devastating Nepal earthquake in 2015 I Source: Social Media

Statistics recently released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate that a successful peace process in Nepal failed to stop educated youths from leaving the landlocked South Asian country. As a result, an ever-increasing number of students are leaving the country to try their luck in this distant land.

The 2015-16 contribution of Nepalese international students represent 3.5% of the total export income generated by all international education activity in Australia.

international-students-contributionAccording to the International Trade in Services report, international students contributed an unbelievable $19.9 billion to the local economy in the last financial year.

The figure is up by 9.4% over the 2014-15 figure of $18.2 billion which in turn was a 14.5% increase over 2013-14 (which was only $15.9 billion).

The year to date course commencements of Nepalese students show just how steady is the flow of Nepalese students into Australia.

Until the end of August last year, there had been only 37,471 course commencements of Nepalese students whereas the figure for the corresponding period this calendar year is already 41,541 – a rise of over 4000 commencements.

New South Wales is by far the most popular state among Nepalese students with 25,964 (as opposed to only 6,682 in Victoria) course commencements until August this year.

There were 76,170 total commencements in 2015. The figure includes Higher Education, VET, Schools, ELICOS and non-award.