Bhootnath director Vivek Sharma talks about his debut Nepali film ‘Mero Paisa Khoi’

vivek-sharma28 November 2016: Vivek Sharma, a Bollywood filmmaker much appreciated for his unique style of filmmaking, is all set to make his debut into the Kathmandu film industry with Mero Paisa Khoi. The Bhootnath fame director is producing Mere Paise Kahan Hain in eleven Indian and eight foreign languages – including in Nepali language.

He is teaming up with Kathmandu-based film producer Roj Rana who apparently is a brotherly figure to the Indian director.

Mr Sharma loves the simple lifestyle of Nepalese people, and the country is like his second home, he confides.

Rahul Raut interviewed Vivek Sharma on behalf of and here is what the star filmmaker had to reveal:

It seems you have invested a lot in your next project which appears to be of epic proportion. Making a film in multiple languages will undoubtedly be a mammoth task. How did this idea for a multi-language film come to your mind?

Vivek Sharma: As a filmmaker, I always wanted to create something unique and rare. This project took three years in designing and now I am executing it. I will not only create world record but also put many regional and smaller languages in the world map. That’s my vision behind making Mere Paise Kahan Hain in 11 Indian and 8 foreign languages (including in Nepali).

Why did you choose Nepali language for ‘Mero Paisa Khoi’? How did you convince Roj Rana to produce this movie?

Vivek Sharma: Roj Rana ji is like a brother to me. We both met in Dubai for a brief few minutes and desired to work together. Actor-singer Amir Sheikh reintroduced us and we instantly planned to make MPKH in Nepali. We both are co-producing the film.

This year, comedy genre has worked better in Nepal than the rest. “Chhakka Panja’ turned out to be the highest grosser movie ever with 15 crore plus (NRs 150 million) business. Another recently-released comedy, “Jatra”, is also working superbly at the box office. Some more are waiting to be announced in the next few months. Given such an industry trend, how will your own comedy ‘Mero Paisa Khoi’ stand out? 

Vivek Sharma: I don’t follow market, rather I create market for my films. I am aware that generally comedy films do well everywhere. MPKH is a comedy of error with a beautiful love story. It will entertain audience from all age. I have full faith in the content. It’s commercially very apt.

When will the film be officially announced? It appears your original timeframe has been changed a bit.

Vivek Sharma: It’s already being announced and few actors have been locked. I will be visiting Nepal to start the shoot.

Buzz is that Juhi Chawala and Rajpal Yadav will also star in its Nepali version?

Vivek Sharma: Yes Juhi ma, Rajpal Yadav and Sanjay Mishra ji will be part of the Nepali version as well.

Besides Indian actors, which Nepalese actors will be seen in ‘Mero Paisa Khoi’? Are you able to shed some light on the Nepalese cast? 

Vivek Sharma: Nepali actors will be revealed with poster launch. Now we are focussing on dates and locations.

When do you begin shooting? Have you found your locations yet?

Vivek Sharma: Very soon.. Locations will be Pokhara, Kathmandu and Mustang. We have to check weather conditions and plan the shoot.

What kind of relationship do you share with Shah Rukh Khan? He was one of main characters in your first film, you looked after post-production of his film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and also helped him develop his production house, Red Chillies Entertainment. Despite this amicable professional relationship, you’ve been noticed taking a swipe at SRK more than once. Like last year’s ‘Dhikkar’ video? Is all well between you and SRK?

Vivek Sharma: Shah Rukh and me go a long way. He is very important part of my creative journey. No hard feelings towards each other. ‘Dhikkar Hai’ video was against those who were opposing India and playing with the dignity of Indian prestigious awards. I love my country and will always raise voice against anti-national moves.

What are your next line ups in Bollywood? I saw the poster of ‘Mujhe Sab Dikhta Hai’ and it looks very hard-hitting drama. 

Vivek Sharma: I am making many Hindi films like, Maine Kab Bola, Mujhe Sab Dikhta Hai, Tera Kya Hoga Waalia and Buddham Sharanam Gachchami. All different stories and genres.

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