Prachanda fears regression amid “north and south moves” of ex-king Gyanendra Shah

gyanendra-shah-and-prachanda27November2016: Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) has warned his fellow Maoists that Nepal is in risk of “a regressive conspiracy” as former monarch Gyanendra Shah keeps travelling abroad to utter dismay of his political arch rivals.

Eight years since he was dethroned, every move Mr Shah makes is being watched and analysed for any signs of his attempt at making a political comeback. Although political pundits believe that monarchy in Nepal is now a closed chapter of history, political leaders in the troubled nation are clearly not convinced.

Addressing a politburo meeting at the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre) headquarters in the outskirts of Kathmandu, the Nepalese prime minister indicated that he was in the know of the high level meetings Mr Shah has had while he was away in India and China.

Press secretary of the former king, Phani Raj Pathak, was contacted by but he said he had not yet met with Mr Shah since he arrived back home via a Singapore Airlines flight Sunday arvo.

Mr Pathak declined to comment on the meetings Mr Shah had while he was away. The ex-king’s personal secretary Sagar Timalsina could not be contacted as his cellphone remained switched off throughout Sunday evening.

“Gyanendra’s north and south moves, his meetings in dark rooms are being undertaken as regressive activities and conspiracy,” Prime Minister Prachanda was quoted as saying by Nepali-language daily Annapurna Post. Therefore, he called on his fellow comrades, they should amend the constitution without delay and move forward towards an election.

Otherwise, he warned, “the political achievement” (i.e., the overthrowing of constitutional monarchy in 2008 paving way for the establishment of a republican Nepal) was in danger of being hijacked.

He further noted that his party made contribution to bring political changes to the Himalayan nation and that the same would be required again to preserve those political achievements. The constitution must be implemented by unifying people in the hills and plains, he urged the participants of the politburo meeting held on Saturday.

Gyanendra Shah and his personal secretary had boarded a flight to Singapore on November 9. His family members were already in the city-state making preparations for his visit.

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  1. After the abolishment of monarchy all that the people of Nepal got is poverty and misery. Therefore, it is natural for Prachanda and the other likes of him to get spooked at the very name of Gyanendra.

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