India fears espionage “by some neighbouring state” as Nepalese nationals join its army with fake credentials

Indian Army wants to give 'Sagarmatha a measure of reverence' through up the clean-up.

18 November 2016: A Times of India report published today suggested that Nepalese nationals who joined the Indian Army with fake documents may have been used “by some neighbouring state” for espionage.

A special task force of UP Police has already identified at least 36 Nepalese nationals who joined various units of the Indian Army by fraudulently obtaining “identity of Indian citizens”, the world’s largest circulated English daily said.

“Illegal presence of a large number of Nepali citizens in different army units across the country has forced the law enforcement agency and defence establishment to check their antecedents on an urgent basis in order to rule out a wider espionage syndicate, which may have been backed by some neighbouring state,” TOI further added.

Authorities apparently arrested four persons late Wednesday night for running the dodgy recruitment outfit. Those arrested included Nepalese nationals as well as Indians who worked for the revenue department. The government staffs are accused of being in collusion with the perpetrators.

Indian authorities are now looking for the key player in the fraudulent recruitment racket. One Prakash Thapa, who TOI said was dismissed from Nepal Army’s intelligence unit in 2013, has been named as the man behind the illegal recruitment network.

This article has been edited for clarity – 19.11.16 13:23 hrs

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