Yet another foreign tour of Gyanendra Shah; ex-king’s press secretary says he has no clue of his travel plans

Gyanendra Shah
The last press conference as a royal: Former King Gyanendra Shah speaking at a press conference before leaving the Narayanhiti Palace in 2008

9 November 2016: Nepal’s ex-king Gyanendra Shah is visiting Singapore for an indefinite period of time. Mr Shah and his personal secretary Sagar Timalsina left Kathmandu Wednesday afternoon.

“I do not have his itinerary. All he told me was that he was going to Singapore,” Phani Raj Pathak told when asked to confirm reports that he would be heading to New Delhi after Singapore. Mr Pathak, who is the ex-king’s press secretary, also failed to confirm if the reported New Delhi visit was on invitation of the Indian government.

Himani Shah
Former Crown Princess Himani Shah I Photo: Facebook

“I will let you know when I have the details,” he said.

Mr Shah’s personal secretary had flown to New Delhi immediately after the Dashain Festival in preparation of the upcoming visit, it is understood.

Himani Shah, the former crown princess, arrived in Singapore days earlier in preparation of the ex-king’s visit.

According to the Kathmandu correspondent of, a group of supporters of the former king was at the airport when he arrived for departure. They greeted him with flowers.

Gyanendra-watchers believe something is definitely on in the Himalayan nation that has made the former king somewhat extra-active for a deposed king. His politically-charged speeches have incurred wrath of political leaders, including a government minister.

Gyanendra Shah will be chased out of the Nagarjun Palace if he continues his “provocative” posture, Nepal’s defense minister Bal Krishna Khand warned him on October 21.

Mr Shah, who turned down suggestion of a life in exile after the nation was declared a federal democratic republic eight years ago, has been attracting good-sized crowds wherever he goes. He even gets slogans from the remaining royalists pledging their support for a comeback.

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