Queensland-based Nepalese driver caught drink-driving 3rd time was so drunk he “appeared to have wet his pants”

queensland-police30 October 2016: A Nepalese driver from Toowoomba is in news because of his habitual drink-driving. Queensland Police caught him three times in less than five years including last July when he was so drunk that he “appeared” to have peed in his pants.

When the 34 year old man was caught drink-driving earlier this year, he reportedly told police that his name was, hilariously enough, “Nitsan Kaparu”. The officer must have smelled a lie in such a strange-sounding name because the drink-driver was warned about giving false information but heapparently maintained that his name was indeed “Nitsan Kaparu”. Police then decided to do a breath test on him as he had “blood shot eyes” and “slurred speech”.

He returned a blood/alcohol reading of 0.252 which is massively over limit.

Concerned onlookers had called the police when they saw the driver not being able to do a simple u-turn at a cul de sac on the grounds of the Willow Glen Retirement Centre in Toowoomba.

Alarmingly, it was not the first time that the man was found to be indulging in dangerous drink-driving. The Chinchilla News further said that the permanent resident of Australia who had been living in the country for the last eight years had returned similar high-range blood/alcohol readings in 2011 and 2014.

Magistrate Bruce Schemioneck sentenced the man to six months in jail but, lucky for him, his lawyer was successful at securing his release on parole immediately.

Three high-range drink-driving in less than five years does attract mandatory imprisonment, the newspaper pointed out.

His lawyer argued that the driver has been on counselling to address his alcohol issues.

The social worker was fined $450 and was disqualified from driving or obtaining driving license for two years.

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