The Tigress of Kathmandu woods: Nepal’s first female professional golfer in the making


25October 2016: She is not the daughter of a general, nor is she the niece of some powerful government minister. She is definitely not a heiress to any worldwide hotel chain and she is too young to be a well-paid actress or the CEO of a commercial bank.

She is, simply, Pratima Sherpa. The hard working teenage daughter of two humble labourers that toil away on the course of Royal Nepal Golf Club, an oasis of woods and green patches in the heart of the chaotic Nepalese capital city.

Ms Sherpa, known to be a fan of Tiger Woods, represents the new generation of Nepalese youths that is at once ambitious, dares dream it big.

She is aiming to be Nepal’s first female golf tour professional. Her parents, who live in a small room in the maintenance shed near the fourth hole of the Royal Nepal, apparently make less than five dollars a day (between them). For the 17 year old who literally lives on the golf course, what otherwise would have been a challenging financial situation has helped her be Nepal’s #1 female golfer winning seven tournaments of nine that she reportedly participated this year, reports Golf Digest.

Despite being born to parents who are struggling to make ends meet, she has two distinct advantages. First, she was born in that maintenance shed and she now lives there as a teenager, with her parents. Thus, she has an unhindered access to the course as and when she pleases to have a go. Secondly, unlike her rich counterparts who come and play for few hours every week, she practices the sport every single day, come hail or shine, Digest said.

According to a story published by Golf Digest, her home (again, that small room in the maintenance shed littered with equipment of all sorts) is smaller than “many American bathrooms” but where trophies after trophies are at glorious display.

Famous golf writer and filmmaker Oliver Horovitz has now teamed up with members of the Royal Nepal Golf Club to help Pratima Sherpa journey towards her goal of being the first tour pro of the Himalayan nation.

“If Pratima succeeds in her dream, and becomes Nepal’s first ever female golf professional, she will inspire young girls throughout Nepal,” the writer said in the Generosity website.

He has organised a fundraising campaign on the Internet, already attracting nearly US$1200 in eight days. The funds collected will be directed to Team Pratima for procuring below items and services:

-Golf Clubs
-Golf Balls
-Swing Coaching
-Gym membership for strength training
-Tournament Entry Fees
-Travel to tournaments outside Kathmandu
-USB Solar Charger + 2 USB LED Lights (for doing homework at night)
-Data Plan for N-Cell (Nepal’s cellphone service, for Pratima’s phone)
-Water purifying Steripen (to purify tap water at Royal Nepal Golf Club)

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