Plane with 76 on board performs a “goat around” at Tribhuvan International Airport


19October 2016: A Bhutan Airlines plane with 68 passengers and 8 crew members on board was forced to abandon its landing at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport on October 15 because a stray goat had found its way to the tarmac it was landing on.

According to The Aviation Herald, the Airbus A319-100 aircraft with registration A5-BAC was on route to Kathmandu from Paro Airport in Bhutan. The pilot apparently spotted the animal on runway 02 prompting a quick “goat around”, the report said in a rather jocular vein.

“The aircraft performed the standard missed approach procedure to climb out of the narrow Kathmandu valley and entered a hold briefly while the goat was being caught and removed from the aerodrome perimeter. The aircraft landed safely on their second approach about 40 minutes after aborting the first approach,” The Aviation said.

The popular aviation-industry website noted that the “he-goat” came from a Nepal Army battalion camped there for the “security” of the only airport in the Himalayan nation, “The issue is being discussed with Nepal Army Officials.”

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