Opportunity for Nepalese youths as British Army vows to increase number of Gurkhas

Brigade of Gurkhas
Members of the feared Brigade of Gurkhas showcase their Kukri skills in this Facebook photo from July 2016.

10 October 2016. Although the manpower of British Army has been cut down in recent times, interestingly, the number of Nepalese men serving the Crown has remained unaffected through these cuts. Instead, the size of the Brigade of Gurkhas is set to increase in near future.

The UK government may soon be looking for additional recruits in the Himalayan foothills. This became known when Forces TV ran a video on October 6 in which a senior army officer announced that the number of Nepalese men serving in the UK army would be increased by 25 percent.

According to armedforces.co.uk, there are 2700 Gurkhas, ethnic Nepalese, in the British Army. This simply means some 700 additional youths from the Nepalese mountains will land their dream jobs – which is, for 200 years now, becoming a gentleman in the British Army.

The announcement, made by Lieutenant General James Bashall at the passing out ceremony of 232 Gurkha recruits at the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick, has been described as a “surprise announcement” – surprising because the government is bolstering the Brigade of Gurkhas at a time when it is actually cutting down the size of the British Army at large.

“It is because of the excellent professionalism and first class reputation of Brigade of Gurkhas that we have decided to increase Brigade of Gurkhas by 25 per cent,” Lieutenant General James Bashall says in the video.

He further indicated that the decision to increase the size of the Brigade meant the new recruits will be exposed to greater opportunities of “wider employment and promotion”.

Gurkhas serving in the British Army, who have so far won 13 Victoria Cross, are regarded as the epitome of loyalty and bravery.

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  1. That is great news they should bring them back up to full strength because of the people leaving the British army were morale is low bring another 4000 at least then the army will have a formidable recruiting area to get other units up to full capacity

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