Binod Chaudhary is NOT “dead”, the first billionaire of Nepal is working hard at his Sanepa office

Krandan Chapagain

By Krandan Chapagain, Kathmandu
29 September 2016

[Editor’s Note: Some of our readers have written to us complaining that the website which originally reported “death” of renown Nepalese industrialist Binod Chaudhary is not “” but “”. Needless to say, there is a basic difference between “” and “” – we were aware of this fact because we posted a screenshot including the URL of the website (we regret the initial typo – ‘”l” instead of “1”). We also provided a link back to the original story. The nevertheless chose to check it out with none other than the subject himself (Mr Chaudhary) because Nepalese expatriates across the world were making frenzied social media posts about the billionaire’s death. We could not possibly let go of the misleading “news” just because is some small-time website. When thousands of people begin to read a piece of news, what URL posted it in the first place becomes immaterial.

The editorial team of stands by its story and firmly believes that the wrongly-disseminated information needed to be countered. We thank you for your concern.]

Sanjay Basnet, PA to Binod Chaudhary of “Wai Wai” fame, has confirmed his boss is very much alive and working hard, as usual.

When called Mr Chaudhary’s office following a news report of his death, his PA said the tycoon was fine and “busy in a meeting” inside his chamber.

A news website posted a “Breaking News” yesterday claiming Mr Chaudhary, Nepal’s first Forbes billionaire, passed away in London on “Wednesday”.

“Binod Chaudhary was in London for medical treatment but unfortunately he passed on at 61,” said.

The news has turned out to be a classic example of “fake news” because first, he is not dead and secondly, he is not in London but in his own capital city.

A social media chatter is on about the renown industrialist’s reported passing away, including in Australia, with some reaching out to for confirmation.binod-chaudhary_telegraph_fake-news

4 thoughts on “Binod Chaudhary is NOT “dead”, the first billionaire of Nepal is working hard at his Sanepa office

  1. The thing is, the site which reported that hoax is not Telegraph, its Te1egraph. Sorry to say, but Mr. Chapagain has proved himself “fool” in this news.

  2. Are you serious? Are you kidding….?? However…..How much stakes and royal property has been squander of late king and his family’s stakes to became nepal’s first billionaire honestly? Only Golchha and khetana were considered as richest people among Nepalese before royal massacre in 2001 and which late royal family’s stake should be nationalised to the govt. bond!!

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