Relationship with my father hasn’t been better: Nepal’s former crown prince Paras Shah

Ram KhatryBy Ram Khatry, Sydney
27 September 2016

Nepal’s former crown prince Paras Shah has said, in contrast to media reports claiming otherwise, that he now enjoys a healthy relationship with his father – former king of Nepal Gyanendra Shah.

In an electronic conversation with, the ex-royal said his terms with his father could not be any better – “my relationship with my father could not be any better then at the present moment ,,he’s happy and I’m happy .. (sic)”.

Former crown prince Paras Shah with his daughter Kritika | Photo: Facebook

Excusing himself for his belated response to written queries from, Mr Shah declined to comment on his recent absence from public life saying “its just not what ppl want to know (sic)”.

He also declined to comment on a question about his health.

The only recent public appearance his supporters has seen is a picture posted by famous Nepalese singer Nabin K Bhattarai. The two were once schoolmates at an elite school in Kathmandu, the renown singer said through his Facebook post on September 25.

Paras Shah is a product of Budhanilkantha School, a fully residential English medium co-educational public school that has given Nepal many bright and famous people. The ex-prince is now reportedly teaming up with Budhanilkantha alumni for “social work” through some sort of “foundation”, a local media outlet in Kathmandu reported last July.

In this regard, he attended a get-together of the alumni last June during which he surprised attendees by his down-to-earth attitude and gentle disposition, the report said. He was particularly nice and playful to children who also participated in the get-together at Jal Mahal Hotel in Pokhara . This, a friend said on condition of anonymity, indicated that the “bad boy” image he once had may merely have been due to difficult times and circumstances.

Jal Mahal Pokhara
Family reunion: former crown prince Paras Shah with ex-Budhanilkantha School batchmate and Hotel Jal Mahal owner Dinesh Prasain during a gathering of 1983-1989 batches | Picture: Facebook

Mr Shah’s noted absence from public life explains a series of spiritual excursions he has lately undertaken, most notably the curious coincidence of him visiting a famous temple on the outskirts of Kathmandu just when former rebel-turned Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) was addressing the nation following his second assumption of office since he joined multiparty democracy in 2006. On September 8, a convoy of motorcyclists and private vehicles escorted Mr Shah to the must-go Dakshinkali Temple where he offered prayers for “peace” as locals milled around him to catch a glimpse. Local media reported that hundreds of people even chanted slogans in his support and the bygone monarchy.

This temple visit and many others show his gradual inclination towards spiritualism following few rough chapters in his life, his friends and supporters say.

Paras Shah
Budhanilkantha boys: Paras Shah chills out with his former school mates during the alumni gathering although his glass appears to have disappeared | Picture: Facebook

Paras Shah also spent happy ten days in the Khaptad region in the second week of June this year. A report by journalist Bidur Khatiwada for Saptahik said Mr Shah expressed great concern for his country when he spent nearly two weeks in the far western region of Nepal. He meditated in the mornings and spent time chatting with his well-wishers, the report said.

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