Nepal Police confirms Resham Chaudhary whom Prachanda met in New Delhi is still a “wanted” man

By Uttam Niraula, Kathmandu
20 September 2016

An officer at the Kailali District Police Office in far western Nepal has confirmed there is a standing arrest warrant against Resham Chaudhary whom Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal alias Prachanda recently met in New Delhi.

Courtesy: Annapurna Post Picture : Shyam Shrestha
Prime Minister Prachanda with murder-accused Resham Chaudhary at Taj Palace in New Delhi | Courtesy Annapurna Post, Picture : Shyam Shrestha

The Prime Minister of Nepal, it appears, either did not know about the active arrest warrant or did not care (even if he knew) about his own police department’s tireless efforts to catch the wanted man sitting right in front of him.

A Nepalese-language daily has claimed Prime Minister Dahal had a meeting with the high-profile fugitive last Friday during his state visit to India.

Listen to an unidentified police officer at the District Police Office in Kailali confirming an existing warrant in the name of Resham Chaudhary who met with the Nepal PM in New Delhi:

When reached out, Nepal Police headquarters in Kathmandu declined to comment on the clandestine meeting between the Maoist Centre chairman and Mr Chaudhary who is accused of being responsible for the brutal murder of seven Nepal Police officers including SSP Laxman Neupane and a two-year old child in August last year.

Slain SSP Laxman Neupane
Slain SSP Laxman Neupane

However, another officer in Kailali district office did confirm that there was an existing warrant for Resham Chaudhary and that they are actively looking for him.

Mr Chaudhary casually walked up to the Nepalese prime minister when he was at Hotel Taj to attend a seminar with Indian business leaders, report said.

The meeting took place under the eyes of security officers present in the hall, Annapurna Post further claimed.

Mr Chaudhary apparently urged the prime minister to get rid of the court case against him, the daily said citing source present during the meeting. He reportedly requested Mr Dahal to drop the Kailali massacre charge, because it was a political incident, so that he could return home. He told the prime minister that he was not responsible for the lynching of the seven police officers in Tikapur and therefore, his cabinet must take steps to drop the charges against him, the daily reported.

Mr Dahal, on his part, listened to the woes of the fugitive and assured him that he would take up the matter with the council of ministers once back at home, the report said.

Mr Chaudhary has repeatedly maintained his innocence in media interviews. He claims he is a victim of political conspiracy.

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