Nepal deploys commando-trained security personnel at Kathmandu airport

Nepal Police
SLR-wielding armed police now provide security both within and outside the airport premises.

Amid rising terrorist attacks across the world, Nepal has tightened security at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). A report today said a platoon of 35 commando-trained police personnel have been deployed to better secure the only international airport of the country.

According to a vernacular daily published from Kathmandu, the additional police personnel who are armed with Self Loading Rifles belong to the Special Task Force (STF) of Nepal Police. The new measures have been in effect for two weeks now, it is understood.

The additional contingent of armed police personnel will no doubt be appreciated by stakeholders who often complain of a rather lax security measures at the TIA where

According to the report, the decision to use the commandos were taken at ministerial level after assessing the security situation of the airport.

Half of the 35-men platoon will be on constant patrol right from the Golden Gate (the entrance) up to the sensitive inside areas while the other half will remain on standby duty within the arrival and departure lounges, the Naya Patrika report said on Thursday.

Airport security chief DIG Govinda Niroula told the daily that the specialist forces had to be deployed because police personnel who are already on regular airport duty are too busy in the day to day operations to be able to provide security to the airport. The STF team is now expected to fill in the security gap.

The heightened security measures come at a time when there have been a number of attacks by terrorists across the world, specially the attack on a Turkish airport on June 28 killing dozens of people.

The Nepalese authorities apparently upgraded the airport security based on information that Islamic State might use Nepalese soil for their activities.

The alert comes following a “security analysis” that even if terrorists may not target Nepal as such, they may still target the much-needed foreigners (tourists) visiting the South Asian republic, the report added.

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