US court jails Nepalese man for sexual abuse of wife’s underage relative: report


24 July 2016: A US court has jailed a Nepalese man for sexually abusing an underage female relative of his wife because she “needed to experience sex”, a media report said on Friday. The 24 year old young man perpetrated the crime while his wife was in hospital, it is understood.

The Oregonian said Makar Chhetri admitted to sexually abusing the underage family member during ‘the fall of last year’. The sentence means he is now required to register as a sex offender. “I was the adult and she was a child. It was up to me,” Chhetri was quoted as saying in the court.

Judge Eric Bergstrom of Multnomah County Circuit Court in Oregon sentenced him to five years in prison on July 22. The victim was reported to be present in the court during the sentencing.

The first time the offender attacked the victim, he asked for sex with her which she refused. Then he raped her, “holding her wrists so she could not push him away”. She told the court that by the time the crime was committed on her, “she was bleeding and crying”.

The 24 year old apparently pleaded “guilty to charges of second-degree attempted rape and second-degree sex abuse on Friday, and Judge Eric Bergstrom sentenced him to five years in prison in Multnomah County Circuit Court”, the report said.

Previously, the victim’s parents told an official (when she visited their home) that they wanted Chhetri to be “out of custody”, apparently referring to the abuser of their daughter as a “good guy”.

The Portland man was reportedly indicted on 23 December 2015, a day before his 24th birthday.

Chhetri was said to be close to the victim’s family and cared for her mother, perhaps the reason the parents of the victim initially wanted the police to release him.

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