Nepalese man arrested for suspected mercy killing of his own mother


Nepal-PoliceA 28 year old Nepalese man has been arrested for the murder of his own mother. The crime in itself is horrific but you would not believe why he committed the ultimate crime.

Bechani Chaudhary, a 65 year old cancer patient from the eastern Nepal town of Itahari, was killed by her 28 year old Bijay Chaudhary because he  did not have funds for her medical treatment, a report said today.

The accused has reportedly confessed of having killed his mother whose body he dumped in a shallow grave on the banks of a local rivulet, a Nepalese language website said today. The man led the investigating police officers to the grim site where they found the decomposing body. The officers found the body in a white sack with mouth gagged, the report said.

Nepal Police told media that the youngest son of the deceased murdered her because he did not have enough funds to provide her with medical care. It is understood the crime took place nearly a month earlier but was suspected only recently after her husband returned from Kathmandu where he was receiving treatment for his motor accident.

According to DSP Om Adhikari, the accused had left home with his mother reportedly for medical treatment. Locals began suspecting foul play when he returned home without his mother, the report said.

The accused was apparently picked up from the local market on Thursday within an hour of the victim’s husband lodging the complaint with the police.

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