Astronomers name crater in Mars after Nepalese tourist destination, ‘Langtang’


The Langtang Crater. Location: Planet MarsWhere is Langtang? Correct answer: Nepal. Second correct answer: Mars.

That’s right! The International Astronomical Union has named a massive crater in the Red Planet after the world famous tourist village of Langtang, in Nepal’s Rasuwa district.

The astronomer involved in the study of the Martian crater told BBC that the name was chosen in ‘tribute’ to the Nepalese trekking destination which was swept away by an avalanche triggered by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake last year. At least 215 local villagers and western tourists were killed in that village alone.

Langtang, the Martian crater that is, is 9.8 kilometres long and holds indication of water flows in the past, a BBC report recently said.

Dr Tjalling de Haas of Utrecht University in the Netherlands apparently chose the Nepalese site because “his colleague had worked there while studying Himalayan glaciers”.

“It was his base camp for a long period, so we said maybe it’s a nice tribute to call [the crater] Langtang,” he was quoted as saying by BBC.

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