Former int’l student from Nepal exacts revenge by publishing sex tape of ex-wife

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Nepalese authorities have arrested a former international student in Australia on charge of of publishing sexually explicit materials of his ex-wife through a pornographic website.

Nayapatrika Dainik, a vernacular daily published from Kathmandu, claimed that the video was taken without knowledge of the victim – when the two lovers were still happily married. The accused, Yubaraj Ghimire from Nepal’s Nawalparasi district, has reportedly admitted to posting his former wife’s sex tape to exact revenge for her divorce.

The vernacular daily said Mr Ghimire had arrived in Australia with the unidentified woman some seven years ago. The pair had hastily entered into a ‘paper marriage’ after he managed to obtain student visa for Australia. When they spent two years in the country, the pair began having troubles in their relationship. They had fights on a daily basis which ultimately led to their divorce.

The man was eventually deported from Australia. He apparently holds the woman responsible for his deportation but the family members of the victim say Mr Ghimire was deported due to his own ‘illegal activities’. However, the Nepalese-language report does not make it clear as what those ‘illegal activities’ were.

Citing family sources of the victim, the report further added that the accused had published the same sexually explicit materials four years ago but had later removed them when he and his estranged wife came to some sort of undisclosed understanding.

The daily said the woman’s family members and friends in Nepal came to know about the video when a Facebook account opened in her name posted a link to the porn site. The video apparently went ‘viral’ following the Facebook status showing the link.

Police arrested the man last Friday. He was charged under Nepal’s cyber crime laws on Sunday, it is understood. He was apparently angry that he had to leave Australia because of the woman.

Local police told media that there have an increasing number of complaints about the misuse of social media platforms for revenge and blackmail.

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