Former king Gyanendra Shah says peace must return to his country

Gyanendra Shah
Gyanendra Shah mingles with the victims of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

Nepal’s former king Gyanendra Shah has expressed his dissatisfaction, for one more time, at the political turmoil that continues to dog the country he once ruled with absolute power.

“You know the present circumstances the country is in. Peace must return. Everyone must find happiness,” the former monarch told local journalists at a country town some 60 kilometres from the capital city of Kathmandu.

Mr Shah was speaking from Batar Bazar in Nuwakot district. He visited the district today with his wife, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Reports said he drove his family to the small town to offer prayer at the 500 year old Bhairavi Temple.

The temple is located atop a hill near the historic seven-storey Nuwakot Palace. Late king Birendra Shah had visited the temple in 2001 during which he had ordered the old crown of the idol be replaced. Gyanendra Shah also had visited the temple the same year, after he became the king following the royal palace massacre.

Following prayers at the temple, the former king walked for some one and half kilometres during which he exchanged words with the locals, reports said. The public on their part chanted slogans calling on the (former) king to return to power and ‘save the country’.

Mr Shah has spoken a number of times, quite candidly too, in recent months about his disapproval of the current situation prevailing in the Himalayan nation.

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