Nepal’s ambassador to India just lost his job

Deep Kumar Upadhyay
Deep Kumar Upadhyay

Nepal’s ambassador to New Delhi has lost job because of his alleged involvement in a political conspiracy to bring down his own government back in Kathmandu.

An attempt led by Nepali Congress and Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) failed to derail Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s coalition government earlier this week but it sure has cost Deep Kumar Upadhyay his job.

He was recalled by Nepal’s foreign ministry yesterday.

Prior to being appointed as the ambassador to India, Mr Upadhyay was a Nepali Congress leader who had served as a government minister in the past, an explanation for his political bias as charged by the government. PM Oli and leaders of his party (Communist Party of Nepal – UML) are understood to have been annoyed by his active participation in politics, reports suggest.

According to Kathmandu’s vernacular media, there are three charges against Mr Upadhyaya:

(a) Involvement in political conspiracy to bring down PM Oli’s government during his recent trip to Kathmandu.

(b) Working independently and unilaterally without informing the relevant ministry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

(c) And finally, for hobnobbing with the Indian ambassador to Nepal (Ranjit Rae) to organise programme in Far Western Nepal, without informing his foreign ministry.

Mr Upadhyay reportedly telephoned PM Oli immediately after it was announced on Friday that President Bidhya Bhandari’s maiden trip to India had been cancelled by the Nepalese government. He complained to the leftist prime minister that the government should not have cancelled the trip without discussing the matter with him or the Indian ambassador to Nepal Mr Rae. He argued that that would have been the proper diplomatic process, reports said.

Mr Oli reportedly rebuked him saying if he had ‘police difference’ with his government then he should give up his position and return home.

Reports said he called the Nepali Congress leadership following his chat with the prime minister and expressed that he could not continue under the current circumstances indicating he would resign from his job. But hours later, Nepal’s foreign ministry already made the announcement of recalling the envoy.

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