PM announces ‘cybersecurity’ plan, confirms attack on Bureau of Metereology

By Ryan Leggatt, Sydney

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced a $230 million plan centered on cybercrime and cybersecurity. A press statement released today detailed a 5-point plan designed to both develop Australian online business and civil capabilities, while also shifting more attention on how to protect these interests.

The plan involves creating a working relationship between State and businesses as well as international partners with an emphasis on the development of technology-focussed industries and education, as well as appointing new government staff which would entail a new ministerial role for cybersecurity.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

The PM also confirmed that the Bureau of Meteorology suffered a cyber attack last year, as was speculated by the ABC, and that the nation has the capability of pre-emptive or retaliatory cyber attacks.

The announcement is marred by earlier cuts to the CSIRO and to education, which might be considered to be a mis-step in the Prime Minister’s Science and Innovation Agenda, which would fund $400 million over the next decade toward those initiatives.

Prime Minster’s 5-point plan for cybersecurity:

A national cyber partnership between government, researchers and business, including regular meetings to strengthen leadership and tackle emerging issues”

Strong cyber defences to better detect, deter and respond to threats and anticipate risks.
Global responsibility and influence including working with our international partners through our new Cyber Ambassador and other channels to champion a secure, open and free Internet while building regional cyber capacity to crack down on cyber criminals and shut safe havens for cybercrime.

Growth and innovation including by helping Australian cyber security businesses to grow and prosper, nurturing our home-grown expertise to generate jobs and growth.

A cyber smart nation by creating more Australian cyber security professionals by establishing Academic Centres of Cyber Security Excellence in universities and fostering skills throughout the education system.”

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