Nepal wins 2016 International Students and Police Cricket Tournament

Nepalese students
Detective Superintendent Gavin Dengate and winners pose for a photo on Sunday.

A team of international students representing Nepal has beaten India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to take out the annual International Students and Police Cricket Tournament held in Sydney last weekend.

Six teams from five South Asian nations as well as serving police officers had participated in the event which is organised each year by NSW Police Force to celebrate Australia’s multiculturalism, love of cricket and its friendship with international students.

Team Pakistan in action.
Team Pakistan in action.

“All the participants put on a great show with Nepal ultimately taking out the title for the second year in a row, an impressive effort! We look forward to another successful event in 2017,”  Detective Superintendent Gavin Dengate said in a statement yesterday.

The annual International Students and Police Cricket Tournament aims to bolster relationship between foreign students taking up studies in Australia and the local police department. The game was held at the University of Western Sydney University Hawkesbury Campus on Sunday.

A Nepalese team member bats during Sunday's
A Nepalese team member bats during Sunday’s International Students and Police Cricket Tournament

“Cricket is such a revered part of Australian culture so the tournament was a wonderful opportunity to promote social inclusion,” Detective Dengate, who is the NSW Police Force Corporate Sponsor for International Students, said. He further added that the match also provides a fun environment for police and students to interact in an informal way that can help break down any barriers and challenge preconceived ideas they may have about policing.

The department seeks to foster positive relationships with the student community in order to create a mutual understanding of trust and respect, he

He assured the international students that NSW Police Force is here to help in their times of need, “International students can face some unique challenges and we want them to know that we’re here to support them and they can come to us for help, no matter the circumstance.”

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