Police in Thailand seek Nepalese, Bhutanese & Indian nationals linked to corpse found last week

Royal Thai Police photo courtesy Bangkok Post
                                       Royal Thai Police photo courtesy Bangkok Post

Police in Thailand are looking for five Bhutanese, one Nepalese and one Indian nationals in relation to a corpse found in a Bangkok canal last week. The deceased was a ‘drug mule’ from Bhutan who died when one of 55 drug packs he had swallowed burst inside his system, Thai media reports said.

Earlier, police had released mugshots of one Indian and one Bhutanese nationals on suspicion of drug trafficking. Additional five names were released today making it a total of seven South Asians the Thai authorities want to speak to in relation to the corpse which was found stuffed inside a suitcase on April 3.

Thai Police
Royal Thai Police photo courtesy Bangkok Post

According to Bangkok Post, local criminal court has already approved arrest warrants for all seven suspects.

The five Bhutanese fugitives are Pema Khandu (51), Tandin Wangchuck (31), Somam Zam (22), Dechen Dema (31) and  Khinzang (34).

The other two South Asians are 37 year old Hari Bahadur Tamang from Nepal and Manoj Kumar Daga (38) from India.

The group is part of a transnational drug gang, media reports quoted Thai police authorities as saying. They reportedly entered Thailand on March 28.

The body of the 46 year old Bhutanese man, ‘a drug mule’, was discovered with 55 packs of crystal methamphetamine in his stomach. He apparently died of ‘acute drug intoxication’ when one of the packets burst open inside his stomach.

Thai police would work with Indian, Nepalese and Bhutanese embassies in Bangkok to seek extradition of the five men and two women, it is understood.

Police suspected that each of the gang members had swallowed between 40 to 50 small packs of methamphetamine.

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