Perils of virtual meetings: Vanessa Limbu, Facebook, alcohol, sex and tragic death

Venessa Limbu
Vanessa Limbu: Murdered by Facebook friends

Twenty year old Vanessa Limbu was a Facebook celebrity of sort from Kathmandu. After all, she had 13,264 followers on the social media platform, said reports. The young teacher of a private school in Kathmandu, who originally hailed from the eastern Nepal hill-district of Dhankuta, would regularly post status and pictures that lit up the hearts of her many digital pursuers. In a word, she was just another full-of-life, tech-savvy daughter of an ordinary Nepalese family.

“I wish I also had a man who would love me heaps!”

The above was a status Ms Limbu reportedly posted on February 7. In little less than two weeks, that aching search for a true lover would eventually lead to a tragic end to her young and beautiful life. Her only crime being  slightly adventurous in a cruel cruel world!

Love is what she craved for and she used Facebook to make it known to the world. This vulnerability exposed her to a vicious exploiter of innocence named Rajan Rai who, according to Nepal Police statement, befriended her some three months before he would put her to a slow, painful death.

On February 20, after having exchanged mobile phone numbers, the nineteen year old Mr Rai and Ms Limbu decided to catch up at the gate of the iconic Boudhnath Temple in Kathmandu. But he was not alone. He had three other friends with him – Sunny Lama, Sajit Lama and another yet-to-be identified man, a press statement of Nepal Police said March 24.

The group, made up of a single, innocent and strikingly beautiful girl and four men with hearts rotten with evil intentions, inevitably decided to go to Thamel for a Saturday night fun, ramailo as they say in Nepal. Thamel is where all actions of Kathmandu’s night life unfolds as locals and visitors converge on the bustling tourist district.

According to Nepal Police, the group had between four and five beers (Nepalese restaurants mostly serve longnecks only) at the Hard Rock Restaurant in Thamel. Police investigations revealed that by 11 pm the perpetrators had managed to get the victim pretty tipsy. By the time, they were already taking advantage of Ms Limbu’s inebriated condition and were beginning to engage in lewd acts.

They left the restaurant around 11:30 pm and headed back to Boudhanath where Rajan Rai and Ms Limbu had met hours earlier. Mr Rai and Sajit Lama got out of the car but the unidentified man drove her and Sunny Lama to this apartment in Lazimpat, not far from Thamel.

There at the sixth floor apartment, Mr Lama and Ms Limbu were given a room where they had more alcohol leading to their consensual sex, police report said. But problems began when the owner of that fateful apartment and who is still managing to avoid police custody, knocked on the door forcing Sunny Lama to open it. The two partners in crime even had a minor tussle when the former asked Mr Lama to leave the room so that he could have sex with Ms Limbu.

The man demanded sex from her but she did not consent. When the perpetrator began to force her, she went into the attached bathroom, the police report further detailed the tragedy. It is understood the man followed the helpless lady into the bathroom and threw her out of the window, most probably in a fit of sheer rage, because she did not give in to his sexual advances.

Heart-rending details of what followed have emerged both in the vernacular media and the police report.

Ms Limbu was apparently still conscious and breathing even after falling on to the ground from the sixth floor of the apartment block. Sunny Lama gave her some water when she asked for some.

However, the heartless attacker did not take her to the hospital. Instead, he put the mortally injured victim in his car and drove her around the City of Kathmandu until she stopped breathing. Once the man was convinced that Ms Limbu had passed away, he drove towards Nagarkot, the famous hill station and dumped her lifeless body in a bamboo grove at a placed called Manapokhari, in the district of Bhaktapur.

The next day, the unidentified man wen to Sunny Lama’s home and advised him to keep his mobile switched off, promising he would come back to fetch him but never did. Nepal Police has since apprehended all three but the main perpetrator, the unidentified man, is still absconding.

It remains a mystery as to how the three men in custody, who obviously are friends to the fugitive, as well as the fact that his apartment is a known address now, do not provide the police with enough clues to identify the ‘unidentified man’.

Police found Ms Limbu’s remains in a shallow grave on March 23.

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