When a prince falls in love with Nepal: Prince Harry ‘overstays’ his official tour


By Ram Khatry, Sydney

Nepal has done it to too many. So who is Prince Harry not to fall in love at first sight with the lush foothills of the Himalayas and the people ever all smiles?

He has just trashed the carefully orchestrated itinerary as announced by Kensington Palace on March 8 to extend his stay in Nepal by six more days. The extension is definitely not for partying in Thamel, the humming nucleus of tourism in the Nepalese capital city. He will instead be sweating it away trying to build, or rather rebuild, an earthquake-affected school ‘in a remote village’.

Prince Harry
The sublime moment: Prince Harry rests for a moment atop a Nepalese hill to take in the awe-inspiring beauty of the country that stood by his family for 200 years of high and low. Picture: Facebook

“At the end of his official tour of Nepal, Prince Harry will remain in the country to work with Team Rubicon UK on an earthquake relief project,” a press statement released yesterday announced.

Team Rubicon is a unique charity that unites ‘the skills and experience of military veterans with first responders to deploy emergency response teams in the aftermath of disasters’ and hence, the Nepalese villages flattened by last year’s 7.8 magnitude mega temblor make the right target group for the the philanthropic organisation. The fact that Prince Harry is also an army veteran makes his contribution to Rubicon activities all the more relevant. He spent ten years in the UK army and was a combat helicopter pilot in Afghanistan where he would develop lasting mateship with many British Gurkha soldiers.

Prince Harry
Ever humble: Prince Harry at British Gurkha Camp. Picture: Facebook

Speaking at the UK Embassy in Kathmandu marking the end of his official tour to Nepal, the ‘honorary’ Gurkha said, “The people I have met and the beauty of this country make it very hard to leave. Thankfully however, I’m not leaving just yet! I will be spending the next six days in a remote region with a charity called Team Rubicon. The team I’m joining will be working with the community to rebuild a school damaged in the earthquake. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity at the end of my official tour to do my small bit to help.”

Prince Harry
Prince Harry at a formal programme to honour fallen Gurkha soldiers and their 200 years of unbroken service to the British Crown. Picture: Facebook.

Although the name of the village has not yet been announced by his office, the 31 year old will apparently camp for a week in the mountains with his fellow British volunteers. It is understood he will get his hands dirty as he personally contributes to the rebuilding of the yet-unnamed earthquake-ruined school.

Prince Harry and Rubicon volunteers will trek into the mountains in Central Nepal with their own equipment to assist the local community in repairing and rebuilding their school.

Such has been his bond with the country he had never visited before that Kensington Palace had to tweak the formal itinerary twice. First, making it a five day visit instead of the initial four days and then now extending it by six days.

As the world media’s attention remains fixated on the prince, the extension is expected to amplify his earlier statement when he said ‘Nepal open for business’.

10 thoughts on “When a prince falls in love with Nepal: Prince Harry ‘overstays’ his official tour

  1. Ah, Nepal. The memory of our time in that gem of a country teaching English methodology to other local teachers brings back found feelings of joy and comfort. The people emanate this incredible selflessness and generousity. It’s a lovely place to travel and take your time doing it.

  2. Medini Richardson

    - Edit


    Good to see he has a heart and not just a spoils playboy. It would be far better if he used some of his money to fund the recovery , physical labour is not in short supply but other resources are.

    1. Stephen Peter Sebert

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      I will wager he has, but is not blowing his horn. Want to make small wager and send a few dollars to Rubucon 20$?

  3. As a Nepali, its a privilege of prince Harry to overstay his official visit by 6days doing his bit for this earthquake sicken country.
    Furthermore, we are grateful for his words about Nepal is open for business (tourism/visit)..
    God bless him.

  4. As a Nepali, its a privilege that Prince Harry is overstaying his official visit by 6days doing his bit for this quake-striken country.
    Furthermore, we are grateful for his words about Nepal is open for business (tourism/visit)..
    God bless him.

  5. So glad to see his love towards Nepalese people and for Nepal and thanks to him for his powerful message to everyone that Nepal is back to visit.

    We welcome everyone to Nepal.

    Dhanybaad 🙂

  6. Respected honorable prince , we heartily welcome you in Nepal and it is our great pleasure to know your happiness during visiting Nepal and Nepalese. Yes, our country is beautiful and people are hospitable. It is the culture of Nepal that has been realized. My humble request for you to stop to receive visa fee at the British Embassy which has been unfair for Nepalese. They take money but they don’t give visa. If candidate are not going to get visa why Embassy of UK do not refund the amount which has been taken? How many visas are being refusing every day by British Embassy of Nepal? Our relationship is special and it has been 200 years but why British Embassy is not learning from Japanese Embassy? They only receive visa fee once applicants are being selected to get Visa . So, I wish this message reaches to your ears and you will take immediate action against this corruption. We know you have good heart so we expect betterment of this beautiful world. It is the country of Gurkhas and it is poor so why should them to charge for nothing?

  7. Awesome! Nepal is so beautiful I agree with you that there are so many reasons prince Harry extend days in Nepal as we said all the time Nepal is not enough for one time. Thanks, Prince Harry to give positive vibes about Nepal.

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