Rupchandra Devkota reported missing to NT Police, not NSW Police Force

By Ram Khatry, Sydney

Police in Australia have said a Nepalese man who has reportedly been out of contact with his family for the last 11 years is registered as a missing person to Northern Territory Police.

This is in contrast to numerous social media posts and media reports that appear to suggest that he went missing from Sydney.

The media department of New South Wales Police told that Mr Devkota was reported missing in the Northern Territory. It is not known whether he moved state since he arrived in Australia or if he was simply holidaying in the north. Facebook posts cite his father saying he originally sent his son to Sydney.

Ramchandra Devkota
Ramchandra Devkota alis Rupak: Reportedly missing in Australia for nearly 11 years. Photo: Facebook

“From what I can see, it appears Rup was reported missing to the Northern Territory Police. I can’t see any further information, other than NSW Police should contact NT if he is located,” a NSW Police representative said on March 13.

The NT Police has been approached via email but has not yet been heard from.

Rupchandra Devkota, known to his friends and family as Rupak, is understood to have arrived in Australia some 15 years ago at the age of 17. He apparently did remain in contact with this family (father) for the first few years and then suddenly dropped out of communication. His story came to a head when an Australian tourist happened to cross paths with the missing person’s father, Ramchandra Devkota. The exact year of his arrival is not known.

Rup Chandra Devkota
Rupchandra Devkota, alias, Rupak. Source:Facebook

“We promised to share this image on social media in an effort to find news of his missing son. We said we could make no promises about an outcome but we would do what we could,” said the Australian in her Facebook post. “Social media is a very powerful tool so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome,” she urged netizens.

Members of the community with information about Mr Devkota can contact the National Missing Persons Coordination Centre (NMPCC) which operates Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm (Free call: 1800 000 634 Email [email protected])

People with information can also contact either the New South Wales Police Force or Northern Territory Police.

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  1. Shashi Sapkota

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    I hope, police would prefer to investigate in the illegal refugee jail, that Australian government is running now a days! I m not saying rupak is illegal but what I m saying is, he left to contact at home, and after that he might have destroyed his passport and all travel document! And then he might have been arrested by police, where he might have told that he is illegal or something else (there may be a lot of reason behind that). So it’s the possibility there that Mr. Rupchandra Devkota can be in the jail where illegal refugee are kept by Australia, I think this could be one of the area of investigation!

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