Raju Bhandari’s death being treated as non-suspicious

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Suicide victim Raju Bhandari had been living in Australia for the last two years

The death of Raju Bhandari, a Nepalese student who reportedly killed himself at his rented apartment in Sydney, is being treated as ‘non-suspicious’ by police.

”The man’s death is non-suspicious,” NSW Police said in response to southasia.com.au‘s request for confirmation of the reported suicide of an international student from Chabahil in Kathmandu. The authorities were unable to divulge further information around the circumstances of his death by virtue of it being ‘non-suspicious’.

The young man, who had been in the country for some two years, apparently hanged himself inside his Granville apartment Saturday morning. His flatmate called 000 upon making the tragic discovery around 11 am, it is understood.

Non-Resident Nepali Association (NARNA) and Nepali Australian Youth Association (NAYA) are in contact with the family of the deceased who want their son back home for the last rites, community leaders told southasia.com.au. NAYA is understood to be putting together a fund to help repatriate the remains to Nepal.

Witnessing the tragic loss of yet another young life, Nepalese diaspora in Australia is concerned at the relatively high frequency of unnatural deaths among its members. Less than two months into 2016, the community has already dealt with three known loss of lives.

High costs of living, separation from family at a young age, the dual pressure of work and studies and most importantly, their families’ loan back home (incurred while scrambling together the funds to send their sons and daughters to Australia) are some of the alleged reasons responsible for the heightened stress level of international students in Australia.

Not much is known about the victim; southasia.com.au made attempts to trace Mr Bhandari’s fellow students from Nepal but without success. One of his social media posts from 2015 portrays him as being passionate about animal welfare while another ironically states, ”Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.”

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  1. Thalia Bhandari

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    Nepali Family members put too much stress on the young ones..to go to foreign country, work themselves sick to pay of debts and .unfortunately and not every one can cope…sometimes death is the only answer…what a real shame if only someone was there to help him in whatever problem he had…RIP young soul…

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