Bodies of Nepal earthquake victims, including ‘three legs’ returned by US, decomposing

Nepal earthquake
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A vernacular daily published from Kathmandu has claimed that the United States returned ‘three legs’ of Nepal earthquake victims to Kathmandu. The Nepalese government had sent those as part of repatriation of American victims of the April 2015 disaster.

Weirdly enough, the three legs were apparently sent back with a formal note saying they were ‘limbs of one person’.

With the three legs returned by the US authorities, the number of unidentified victims of the 7.8 mega earthquake is now considered to be 34. Earlier, it was believed that there were only 33 unidentified bodies in the morgue of the Kathmandu-based Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital. After all, ‘three legs’ could not be that of one person, Annapurna Post reasoned in a report published Friday.

Nepalese authorities have carried out forensic examination of bodies that appear to be that of westerners (foreigners), but not on the remains of Nepalese victims. The hospital initially planned to tag the bodies of Nepalese victims and bury them in the hospital’s burial ground so that they could exhumed in the future when and if families of the victims claim the remains of their near and dear ones. However, the hospital could not do so owing to lack of funds.

The Teaching Hospital’s Forensic Department apparently wrote to the Ministry of Home to immediately manage the decomposing bodies because the stench is now affecting the adjacent wards, the Post said. The letter mentioned the ill-functioning body containers in the morgue. The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that the world’s second richest water resource nation suffers from one of the most notorious load-shedding in the world. Given this, the human remains of the tragic events of last year would be without proper refrigeration for hours after hours.

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