Even former Prime Minister Sushil Koirala couldn’t access ambulance on time

Sushil Koirala
Former Prime Minister Sushil Koirala

Personal physician of Sushil Koirala has revealed that the former Nepal prime minister could not be taken to hospital on time because desperate calls for ambulance were not answered by the emergency department of a local hospital.

Speaking at the Kathmandu-based Reporters Club, Dr. Kabirnath Yogi said calls to the hospital went unanswered as a result of which the 77 year old former prime minister passed away at home Monday night. According to vernacular media reports, Dr Yogi claimed that the sole reason of late Koirala not being able to be taken to the hospital was because the hospital did not pick up the phone despite numerous attempts.

Reports do not make clear which hospital they called. However, a renown private hospital is not far from the residence of the former prime minister who was known for his ascetic life, southasia.com.au’s Kathmandu correspondent confirmed.

Dr Yogi further clarified that Koirala’s personal as well as security vehicle that were available at the time could not be used because they did not have oxygen cylinders fitted in them.

The former prime minister had been complaining of general physical discomfort and difficulty in breathing since last Saturday. He even had a bed booked and ready for his occupancy at the Teaching Hospital but it was cancelled on the day of his death after his health improved during the day, his personal doctor said.

Dr Yogi apparently got a call from the nephew of Sushil Koirala around 10:30 pm Monday night. Upon his arrival, he found the Nepali Congress president’s health considerably deteriorated and pale.

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