I have not left Nepal, reminds former king Gyanendra Shah

Narayanhity Palace
Narayanhity Palace: No more a royal address.

Gyanendra Shah, the last monarch of Nepal, has issued the strongest statement yet since he left the Narayanhiti Royal Palace in 2008 indicating his continued political presence in the beleaguered nation.

Gyanendra Shah
The last press conference as a royal: Former King Gyanendra Shah speaking at a press conference before leaving the Narayanhiti Palace in 2008

The press release issued Sunday to mark Prithvi Jayanti, the birth anniversary of his forefather and the creator of modern Nepal King Prithvi Narayan Shah, indirectly lambasted the country’s political parties for the current mess the world’s newest republic currently finds itself in.

“I handed over the property of people to themselves and left the palace for national interests and happiness, prosperity and satisfaction of people,” Mr Shah said in the statement.

“But, what all should remember is I have not left my Nepalese home and have not yet given up the responsibility for Nepal and Nepalese people,” he said hinting at his ongoing political ambition which further becomes even more clear when he said, “It is a need of the hour that what kind of responsibility, role and support Nepalese people want, from whom, be revealed.”

The tone of the former king is in line with a series of social media posts made by his estranged son Paras Shah who recently said that he wanted now to do good for his motherland but did not want to be ‘the king’.

Mr Shah stressed on the harmonious co-existence of all Nepalese citizens living in the Terai (the southern plains districts bordering India that are currently experiencing the protracted Madhesi Movement), hills and mountains. The better the integration of these various communities into the national mainstream (flower-garden), the prouder the existence Nepalese people will have, he reminded his former subjects.

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