Modi promises to lighten up Bihar with electricity from Nepal

Narendra Modi
Indian Prime Minister at Farbesganj in Bihar yesterday.

As relations between Nepal and India remain dangerously frozen over Madhes saga, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has charmed voters in Bihar saying he would end their darkness with electricity from Nepal.

He told a milling crowd of his fans as he canvassed in Bihar, “Brothers and sisters, I went to Nepal. I went to Bhutan. I reached agreements with the governments there and established factories of electricity that comes from water.”

He then went on to promise that once those ‘factories’ begin spewing electricity, it will be given to Bihar. The crowd appeared to love the promise and gave out a thunderous applause.

It remains to be seen how the Nepalese people, whose lives have been pushed back into the middle ages due to the Indian blockade as people cook up their wood-fired meals out in the open, will take the Modi speech in Bihar. Once popular in the Himalayan nation, his popularity has dwindled in Nepal following the blockade which India has consistently claimed is due to the problems on the Nepalese side.

His entire pitch revolved around electricity, right from the beginning. “I have three programmes for the state of Bihar – electricity, water and roads,” he said.

As if the crowd was not sufficiently excited, he repeatedly asked them, “Do you want electricity or not? Do you have electricity today?” to which the thousands of villagers emphatically yelled out, ‘No!”

Referring to the opposition, he said, “They say they will give computers, computers! Does a computer run without electricity?”

5 thoughts on “Modi promises to lighten up Bihar with electricity from Nepal

  1. What is this guy talking about.There is no any factory India Indtalled in Nepal.And talking about the blockade done by India to Nepal, we are not in state to proceed any relation with India rather we might have business with China soon.So please People of India Don’t trust unless you find the proof.Ask him what is the name of hydropower project.

  2. Subodh R Pyakurel

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    Shame to Modi, to what extent he can lie poor people?
    इतना नङ्गा मत नाचो मोदी| भारत ने नेपालकी नदियों से १५ हजार मेगावाट बिजली निकालनेकी सम्झौता आजसे १९ साल पहले कियाथा| उसपर उन्होने कोइ काम नहीं किया | प्रोजेक्ट पे वैठ गए ता कि नेपाल और किसिसे सम्झौता नही कर सके| उन्होने नेपालकी तराइ मे पूरव- पश्चिम १७०० किलोमिटर सडक बनानेनी सम्झौता कियाथा जब अटल जी प्रधानमन्त्री थे | उसपर आजतक कुछ काम नही किया |मोदी नेपाल गए और बोला फटाफट काम होगा | भारत और नेपालको बिजली और किसनोको पानी ,सिचाई मिलेगी | मगर फिर यह चुपचाप रहे | आज हालात यह है कि नेपालको २००० मेगावाट बिजली चाहिए मगर उत्पादन है ७०० मेगावाट |हम २०० मेगावाट बिजली भारतसे खरीदते है और १२ से १६ घन्टे का लोडसेडिङ भूगत रहेहैं | बाँकि बिजली जेनरेटर से बनाया जता है | उसपर इन्होने सारे नाकाबन्दी कर्के रखा है | जिसकी बदौलत बिजली तो क्या अभि हमारे यहाँ पीनेका पानीकी किल्लत है | क्योंकी पानी भी ट्यांकर से लाना पड्ता है | आनेवाले २ सालोंमे हम २००० मेगावाट बिजली निकालने वाले थे | मगर नाकाबन्दी कि बदौलत सब रुका पडा है |बिहार जनता है कि बाढ, सिचाई और बिजलीके मामलेमे नेपाल और बिहारका भाग्य जुडा हुवा है | मगर समस्या यह है कि राज्य और केन्द्र सरकार के बीच कमिसनखोरी का तानातान इतना राहत है कि घुसखोर शासक विकास कि काम से जादा अपना स्वार्थ देखते हैं | अब नया गुरुवर आरएसएस कि हाजिरी मे यह मामिला और पेचिदा हो गया है |

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