UK-based Nepalese restaurant shut down after super dirty kitchen shocks inspectors

448420-465x600A UK-based Nepalese restaurant had so horrible hygiene conditions that the owner of the business avoided prosecution only because he voluntarily declared closure of his restaurant.

However, The Gurkha Villa Nepalese Restaurant’s Ananda Dewan did get cautioned for food safety offences which were described by inspectors as ‘some of the worst’ cases they had ever seen.

The business was located at 58 Station Road in Aldershot, Hampshire.

Mr Dewan escaped prosecution after he promised to dissolve the company that owned the restaurant. He also promised to authorities that he would have no ‘future interest in the business’. Because he has accepted the caution served by officers, the restaurateur will face action should he be found to violate food safety regulations in the future, the Eagle Radio’s website said today.

The restaurant apparently had kitchen equipment that appeared not to have been washed for months on end. Pictures courtesy the Rushmoor Borough Council that were posted by the website shows the restaurant’s nook and crannies filled with rotten food and grease.

A Rushmore City Council environmental official told media that the restaurant would have been served a prohibition order had Mr Dewan not voluntarily offered to shut down its operations. “With such high risk to public health and by voluntary agreement the business was immediately closed,” the Eagle Radio reported.

448421-597x448The inspection was carried out on August 19 following which all food cooked and prepared at the premises was disposed of.

The restaurant seems to have attracted a good mix of reviews on

“Taste and Greetings of Nepal, simply amazing! Authentic Nepalese cuisine, and also available for takeaways!,” says Gurung B, a local in Aldershot. “Very popular with the Nepalese community – you will not find a seat on Festival days. Limited menu, but very good value Nepalese dishes. Do not ask for chips – they don’t have any,” another commenter Peter C said.

However, there is also a nasty rating, “Rude waiters and mediocre food. Terrible decor. A lack of basic customer service makes the experience atrocious,” Sanyo G. complained.

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