Indians second largest contributors to the total migrant income of Australia


Migrant taxpayers made $37.7 billion in the financial year 2009-10 out of which people of Indian origin alone contributed some $5.3 billion to the Australian economy.

According to a report made public last Friday, Indians come only next to their British counterparts who at $8.8 billion were the highest contributors to the total income generated by migrants.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) report reveals out of the 14% that the Indian diaspora contributed, $5 billion came in the form of salaries while $241.9 million came from their unincorporated businesses. The largest contributors, those born in the United Kingdom, generated $8.8 billion amounting for the 23% percent of the total migrant income.

Migrants income to Australia
Source: ABS

Interestingly, although 2011 census showed that there were more Chinese-born residents (6% of the total overseas-born population) in Australia than those born in India (5.6%), Chinese migrants contributed only $2.7 billion which is more than 2 billion less than the Indian-born migrants.

According to ABS, from 2000-01 to 2012-13 approximately 1.8 million migrants entered Australia under the Australian Government Migration Programme. Out of these, 1.2 million (65%) entered Australia in the skilled stream and 631,500 (34%) in the family stream while the rest of the 4% or 178,000 were people that were granted visas under the Commonwealth’s Humanitarian Programme.

While skilled migrants earned more money, humanitarian migrants displayed greater entrepreneurial acumen and reported a higher proportion of income from their own unincorporated businesses, an ABS statement said on 4 September.

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